On-demand webinar

Introduction to the FotoWare Mobile App
For Police Forces


FotoWare has launched the first mobile app on the market that provides full DAM functionality. And it’s included in your FotoWare!

Access this 20-minute video to learn how the FotoWare Mobile App can be used by police forces. It is hosted by John Fredrik Engeland, FotoWare Product Expert, and Engagement Manager.

The content of the webinar would be useful for police officers.

The FotoWare mobile app is available both on App Store and Google Play.

What You Will Learn:

With the FotoWare Mobile App, police officers can capture and record evidence with their mobile devices.

The App also helps to get evidence from the crime scene to investigators faster as police officers can assign metadata that links photographed evidence to cases straight from their mobiles. During the webinar, we will take a look at these and other possible use cases.


1. How to use the FotoWare Mobile App for police forces: key scenarios.

2. Key features of the FotoWare Mobile App — live demonstration.

3. Q&A.

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