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Why Marketing is the New Sales [Already On Podcast]

By Alex Kronenberg on February 7, 2019

FotoWare's CEO, Anne Gretland, was recently invited onto Norwegian tech podcast Digitaliseringspådden by Already On, to talk about why marketing is the new sales, and give insight about inbound marketing, marketing automation, and the flywheel methodology at FotoWare.

The full podcast is in Norwegian here, but the video below is a short segment which was filmed in English.

Key Takeaways

  • What is the toughest challenge with inbound marketing?
  • Why is automation important to your inbound marketing strategy?
  • What is the flywheel and what does it mean to Attract, Engage and Delight?


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Digitaliseringspådden is a Norwegian tech podcast covering topics including digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI), privacy (GDPR) and more. You can listen to the full episode of the podcast in Norwegian here.

Read the article about AlreadyOn's podcast with Anne Gretland in the tech newspaper, Computer World here. (The article is in Norwegian)