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Why Image Size Matters and How to Resize Images in FotoWare

By Olav Andreas Frenning on June 19, 2019

Why image resizing is important?

Quality visuals are a crucial part of successful digital marketing. Images are used throughout your website, social media channels and any other marketing materials. Those images are often the first thing that people see when they engage with you and decide whether to trust your brand or not. If your images aren't displayed appropriately, for example wrongly sized or pixelated, it can affect your entire brand. Image size also matters in page load speed - both on desktop and mobile. Page speed is measured by load time, and how long it takes for the browser to display all content on a page. Large graphics make your pages load too slowly, and this in turn let your visitors leave. 

Moreover, web page load speed plays an important role when search engines like Google rank your website. Search engines aim to give the best experience when a user is searching for a site and it's not likely for slow sites to be put very high up on the list. 

Feature image by Pine Watt at Unsplash

On-demand resizing of images

We use pictures almost everywhere these days: Write a new article - you need a picture to go with it. Post an update on Twitter - it requires a different size picture. And so it goes. Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone could request the right size image based on a full size master image, and crop it as required to fit the intended use?

Using the Crop and Download feature in combination with processing profiles lets you do just that.

Crop and Download does just what is says on the tin: It allows you to add a crop frame to an image, set the pixel width and height (and see the crop frame update accordingly) and then download a cropped version of the image.

Say you want to produce a hero image for a page on your website. It has to be precisely 1920x wide, with a floating height. Here’s how;

1. Make a processing profile that produces a JPEG output file with a fixed width of 1920px:



2. Assign that processing profile to a processing profile set, which in turn is added to the archive you’ll be doing exports from:



3. Now, log in to FotoWeb, select an image in the grid and choose Crop and Download. If you can’t find it, make sure it’s been enabled in the archive’s access list.



First, choose the processing profile you made. You can see the size indicator switches to Aspect. Then open Presets, choose Create Preset, give it a name and choose Share preset.

When sharing the preset you can also choose to Lock settings, meaning that the chosen processing profile cannot be overridden. That’s precisely what you would like in this case, since the profile dictates a fixed width for the output file.

Now it’s simply a matter of choosing the preset and dragging a crop frame around the desired area. Then hit the Download button and watch the magic happen.

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