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Why Digital Asset Management Matters in an Increasingly Digital World

Digital Asset Management - A central solution in a digital world

For the past 20 years, digitization has been evolving, and with 2020 being the year of home-offices and social distancing, there is reason to expect this development to increase its speed over this next decade. In fact, a noticeable majority of businesses report accelerating their digital initiatives due to the pandemic.

Many daily tasks and collaboration processes are thereby likely to be partly or fully digital in the nearest future, resulting in an increase of digital content and assets. So, how can you make sure that your organization thrives in the digital era and gets full value out of its content?

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Introducing: Digital Asset Management 

In order to get the most out of your content, you need to make sure that your files are searchable and easy to find for anyone who might need them. To do this, you must also make sure that the files inhabit all relevant information in terms of their licenses, rights, and usage and that they can be accessed by the right people - or perhaps more importantly that the wrong people cannot access them. Ideally, you also want to automate mundane, but important, tasks that have to do with file management, for example, approval- or publishing processes.

This form of file management cannot be conducted within common cloud storage platforms - like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft's One Drive or Sharepoint - you need a solution that treats your content as assets, and enables advanced metadata configuration tailored to your organization’s needs. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the solution that lets you to keep full control of all your files and file information, as well as facilitating efficient file management and collaboration.

Businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries are using the FotoWare DAM solution today. Their ways of using it vary, but they share a common goal, namely optimizing the potential of each file by turning them into assets. Our Head of Marketing & Communications, Bettina Berntsen, recently discussed this in an interview with Website planet. In the interview, she shared some simple tips and tricks on how you can easily and automatically manage digital assets, save time, avoid costly fines and even manage GDPR consent!

Read more about it in the interview “Turn files into digital assets with FotoWare DAM solutions”



Increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) of your Assets

Creating and managing content demands time and effort. You should therefore make sure that you get the most out of each asset by being able to find, use, and re-use it and minimize the risk of incorrect usage. Without a DAM, this is not a straight-forward process and the complication may vary depending on what industry you’re in and which needs your organization has.

One way that businesses are able to get maximum value from their assets is to make use of plugins to integrate their DAM solution with the rest of their MarTech stack. This enables users to work with their digital assets directly in their favorite tools without the need for constantly downloading and uploading files from one program to another.

Digital Asset Management technology is not static, and your solution shouldn’t be either. In order to increase your ROI, you should make sure to keep up with the DAM trends and have a focus on working with your DAM provider to further tailor your solution to fit your exact needs - for instance, by moving to the cloud or implementing automated workflows.

Read more in our recent interview with TalkCMO about “How Brands can leverage DAM to increase ROI”


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