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What Our Readers Liked the Most - Top Content Pieces of 2019

By Bettina Berntsen on January 22, 2020
Top Content 2019

As we’ve entered a new year, and even a new decade(!), we’ve taken the opportunity to look back on 2019 to learn more about what interested our readers the most in the past year. We can say that you’re fans of comparison posts, learning more about the technical aspects of Digital Asset Management, as well as environmentally friendly marketing. Read on to see which pieces made the top of our reader’s list in 2019!

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Most popular on ‘Working with DAM’ in 2019

img-blog-top2019content-pimdam2Are you using a Product Information Management (PIM) solution but still struggling to get control of your visuals? PIM and DAM (Digital Asset Management) are often compared or considered as mutually exclusive - however, they play two very different but vital roles in your organization.

While a Digital Asset Management aims at organizing and helping with collaboration with images, videos, presentations, documents, and all other visuals, a PIM focuses om the product data required to get a product to market and sell. Check out the full article and learn about the benefits of PIM and DAM.


Most popular customer story in 2019


“Now, the journalists can also search the Digital Asset Management for a picture and send it straight into our content management system and use it themselves. We’ve expanded the ability to source images from some users in our London office to about 150 people in offices throughout the world. It has democratized the whole workflow system.”

Discover how the Financial Times, the world's leading business publication, have democratized workflows & solved issues with image rights using FotoWare.

Most downloaded eBook in 2019

Digital Asset Management Workflows

What’s the point of having a DAM to store your content if that content can’t be shared and reused in any number of ways? That’s where workflows come in - and judging by your response to our 2019 workflows campaign, it’s a topic we should probably elaborate on in 2020.

If you missed the campaign, the best bits are still available in the blog entry and in the 7 digital asset management workflow examples and tips ebook - both available here.

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7 DAM Workflows
Learn about 7 Digital Asset Management workflows that are commonly used to save time.


Most popular on content marketing: Top 3 Green Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Green marketing campaigns

The words “sustainability”, “green energy”, and “eco-friendly” are now firmly embedded in our daily lives. People not only try to live greener - they also care about the environmental impact of the brands they choose.

So it’s no wonder that our most popular post on content marketing is Top 3 Green Marketing Campaigns of 2019. If you missed it, read up to discover why Oslo is rubbish, how IKEA uses steps to promote their new store and what is behind the #NoFilterNoFuture hashtag.

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Historically, the marketing department has always been tasked with making brochures and roll-ups and organizing events, in order to best support the sales department in reaching the company sales goals. In the last 20 years, that role has changed dramatically. Read on to learn Why the Marketing Department is Your New In-House Newsroom. 

img-blog-top2019recommend_5reasonsDAMLet's face it, managing all the marketing activities in your organization is complex. Dealing with vast quantities of content can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you don't have the right tools to manage it.
Here are the top 5 reasons why marketing managers need Digital Asset Management (DAM) to be as efficient as they can while dealing with a wide variety of tasks.


We work relentlessly to produce content that educates and inspires you. Doing so will remain one of our top priorities in 2020 as well. We are so happy to see that more people than ever subscribed to our blog during 2019. We hope that those of you who already subscribe will continue to hang with us in 2020, and if you haven’t subscribed already, we hope you want to join us this year!