Chris has been at FotoWare for 6 years, having moved half way across the world to join the team in Oslo from his home in Pennsylvania, USA. Find out what he does and why he's the man to call if you get stuck!

What is your role within FotoWare?

I work in the support department here. We have partners who resell the software and I do the support for them. They do the first line support directly with the customers and then if they have a problem they will contact us. Some of our software isn’t sold through partners, so for that I deal directly with the customers.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

It’s very satisfying when we can solve a really tricky case. That’s definitely a good feeling. The nature of my job is that people don’t contact me because things are going well – it’s the opposite. They have problems that they need to be solved, so it’s pretty rewarding when you can help somebody figure it out.

What are some of the common queries you help to resolve?

Some of the common things we’d get were mainly questions about how to do certain things or how to activate, so we’ve been able to identify those and update documentation to make it more accurate and more helpful. That’s handled by Olav, who writes it all up.

Your role requires you to know a lot about every product, inside and out. How do you keep yourself up to date with everything?

Between John and I, we have to know everything so that each of us is ready to handle any queries that come in. Of course, we each have things we specialise in, or that we’re better at than the other one is, but when it comes up we sit right next to each other so it’s really easy for us to talk and ask each other questions. We can work something out together and learn from each other.

What did you do before working at FotoWare?

When I came out of college, I started working as a graphic designer at a newspaper and I worked there for about 3 years. It was interesting working at the newspaper because I got there just at the very end of everything that was going on before using digital layouts. Then I found out about a job at SCS, one of FotoWare’s partners in the US, doing installations for editorial systems in 1999. I was there for 12 years before I moved to Oslo, so I’ve been working with FotoWare and editorial solutions for newsrooms for a long time.

How much has changed much since you started working here?

The systems that we run on now are in the cloud and that has taken a big weight off our shoulders. We don’t have hardware to maintain anymore. Before, we had a server room that had two big racks in it that were completely full of machines. We had to deal with backups, drive failures - some servers would just go down every so often because it was a day that ends in ‘Y’. (Or, in Norway a day that ends in ‘G’…) So we now experience the benefits of working with cloud-based business systems. It’s cool that FotoWeb also ends up being a business system for other people, so our customers enjoy that being cloud-based too.

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