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Top 5 Podcasts You Need to Listen to!

By Alex Kronenberg on August 30, 2018
Top 5 Podcasts 1.1

Here at FotoWare, we love a good podcast. Whether you want to find a way to constructively pass the time on your daily commute, or simply listen to something interesting around the house, podcasts are a great way to further your knowledge and learn while you multi-task. So, we thought we'd share with you our 5 favourite podcasts related to all things business, marketing and innovation. Go ahead, give them a listen, and let us know which you enjoy from our selection!

Feature Photo by Michael Mroczek on Unsplash

HIBT1. How I Built This

HIBT is an American podcast produced by NPR and hosted by Guy Raz, featuring interviews with "innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists", delving into their stories and experiences of building all sorts of fascinating businesses. Discover the motivations and movements behind the growth of some of the world's most renowned organizations, including tech giants in Silicon Valley and many familiar brands. Guests include Joe Gebbia (Airbnb), Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger (Instagram), Kickstarter (Perry Chen), Richard Branson (Virgin), and James Dyson (Dyson).

MoS2. Masters of Scale 

Hosted by co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, the podcast combines interviews with legendary leaders of the business world, and Reid's own experiences. Through these conversations, Reid tests his own theories about what makes good leadership with his guests, as they navigate these amazing success stories. Masters of Scale has also committed to a 50-50 gender balance with their guests, providing an equal platform for successful men and women alike. Guests include: Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Ev Williams (Medium & Twitter), Sara Blakely (Spanx), Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and Caterina Fake (Flickr).



3. Diary of a CEO 

Steven Bartlett is the 25-year old CEO of Social Chain, a social media & influencer marketing agency from the UK that has grown exponentially in the last few years, becoming one of the world's leading agencies as pioneers within the industry. In this podcast, Steven shares his diary, giving an unscripted insight into what it’s like behind the scenes as an entrepreneur. This is coupled with interviews with fellow entrepreneurs within the industry, from influencers to CEOs, delving into the more personal side of the modern business world.



4. The Humans Strike Back

Louis Grenier and David Peralta are the hosts of The Humans Strike Back, a podcast produced by Hotjar which aims to "help people succeed by putting people first". The podcast revolves around the theme of empathy - developing your own sense of empathy, having empathy for others, and empathy for the world and the environment around us - and the notion that putting humans first (rather than focussing explicitly on numbers) is the single most important factor for success. Their episodes feature interviews with a wide variety of professionals including positive psychologists, mindfulness experts, authors, founders, and CEOs who share these values.



5. Oslo Business Forum - Lederlunsj 

...and here's one for those of you who can understand our native Norwegian! Lederlunsj is a podcast set up by Oslo Business Forum looking at what makes a good business leader. Each episode, host Jan Fredrik Bjørntedt is joined by three reputable leaders to tackle the challenges they face, and discuss what the best solutions are to those challenges. Recently, our very own Anne Gretland (CEO, FotoWare) was invited to take part in Lederlunsj alongside Torgeir Letting, CEO at Compello. Click the links below to listen to each of the episodes:

Episode 1: Hva er god ledelse i 2018?

Episode 2: Hvordan får du med deg dine ansatte?

Episode 3: De usynlige lederne

Episode 4: Lede seg selv

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