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Top 3 User Interface Integrations that Police Forces must have

Last year, we introduced a new feature User Interface Integrations (UII), enabling users to embed external systems directly onto their digital assets in the FotoWare solution. With UII, you can access a 3rd party system and immediately look up information within your FotoWare solution without having to switch to another system or browser.

UII allows you to create a bespoke user interface optimizing your Digital Evidence Management (DEM) system to fully function as an ecosystem on top of your assets. This is a huge timesaver for those who need to handle different types of assets connected to different external systems.

The UII feature is useful for any team in any industry, but it can be extra beneficial for the Police & Law Enforcement industry that requires integrations with several parties in handling digital evidence and processing forensic investigations.

Here are the top 3 UII in the DEM system to help police officers streamline their workflows and increase productivity.


1. Integration with a Map service

In the forensic investigation, it’s crucial not only to visually see evidence files, but also to know where a case occurred or an evidence file was collected. By adding geo-data to an asset as metadata, you can retrieve the asset’s geographic area on Google Maps.

Moreover, you can virtually navigate through the streets in the area using Google Street Views embedded on your FotoWare. As such, investigators can get to know the exact location of a scene and look up additional information needed to solve a case.




2. 360 View of a crime scene

360 viewer has opened the door to improving crime scene investigations tremendously. Instead of looking at several different images and videos from a crime scene, investigators can examine every corner of the scene at once remotely just as if they were in the scene. 360 viewer provides a better understanding of the crime scene and speeds up analysis.

By embedding the 360 viewer in the FotoWare DEMS, investigators can access different 360 scenes related to an asset within the FotoWare solution.


Navigating the scene is even easier with the full-screen mode, where you can click and zoom to take a closer look at an element in the scene. All the necessary information can be recorded in the metadata field in FotoWare so that investigators can quickly retrieve related assets when searching for evidence.




3. Connecting with a Crime Database

Successful investigations rely on an investigator’s ability to connect the dots between many different types of digital evidence. Therefore, each piece of evidence should be tagged with all relevant information and can be retrieved by whoever is looking for it.

With a Crime Database system embedded on the FotoWare DEMS, investigators can easily pull relevant data such as a suspect, a crime type, and the status of the case. In addition, creating document packages and transmitting pieces of evidence to the courts are a lot easier and faster with all the data gathered in one place as well as managing it more efficiently and securely throughout the evidence lifecycle.


The UII in the FotoWare Digital Evidence Management system enables forces to build an ecosystem that streamlines the whole investigation process by connecting critical third-party systems.


A demo of these use cases is freely available for you to watch,
presented by John Fredrik, Professional Services Manager at FotoWare.


How can I set up UII in my organization?

If your organization doesn’t use the FotoWare solution, feel free to book a demo with one of our experts to see it live.

If you already are a FotoWare user, you can easily set up UII through the site configuration. Moreover, our Professional Services Team can assist you in configuring UII in the best-optimized ways to meet your team’s goals. Book a free meeting now.


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If you would like to discuss how to get even more out of your FotoWare, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Professional Services team. You can also explore a wide range of sessions and training available to your organization.


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