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Top 3 Green Marketing Campaigns of 2019

By Alex Kronenberg on July 15, 2019
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Paper straws, electric cars, and trainers made from ocean plastic. In recent years, consumer interest in environmental issues has grown rapidly and, according to Edelman, almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers will buy or boycott based on a brand's social or political position. As more brands have begun focusing attention on their environmental impact, we take a look at the top 3 green marketing campaigns of 2019.


Brand: VisitOslo
Agency: mr.h

Our home city of Oslo, Norway has been named European Green Capital 2019 - and the brilliantly creative minds at VisitOslo want you to come and see for yourself just how RUBBISH the city of Oslo really is!

The five-part mini-series, Oslo is Rubbish, is focused around the theme of recycle and reuse - something that is often clouded by obsessive consumerism and the impact of overwhelming planned obsolescence. VisitOslo's quirky host takes you round different attractions throughout the city; from floating Saunas built with recycled materials, to city tours on refurbished bicycles, to fine dining with meals made from left-overs - showing all the Oslo has to offer.

The quick storytelling of some of Oslo's hidden gems in this campaign is excellently effective, as it cleverly ties in the recent European Green Capital title with reasons to visit and see some of Oslo's most sustainable sights!



2. Steps

Brand: IKEA
Agency: Mother London

IKEA launched its Steps campaign to raise awareness of its newest, most ecologically sustainable store in Greenwich, London through a series of striking outdoor adverts around the city. The store was built using renewable construction materials and green technologies, and the adverts encourage passers-by to visit the new store on foot.

The adverts highlighted the number of steps it would take to walk from each location to the new store and, for those less keen on walking, public transport directions were also given, offering an alternative carbon footprint-reducing option.

We love the simple, yet effective (and stylish!) adverts for the Steps campaign, but we hope IKEA has a solution for the environmentally conscious customers who buy a new wardrobe after walking to the store...


1. #NoFilterNoFuture

Brand: Brita
Agency: Social Chain

Social Chain strikes again with another eye-catching influencer campaign promoting reusable bottles for water filter-makers, Brita. The campaign saw 21 Instagram influencers post images of themselves in stunning landscapes, surrounded by pollution that had been photoshopped in.

The aim was to raise awareness of the impact of plastic pollution on the world caused by plastic bottles, and it did so through a creative twist on typical Instagram influencer images of sensationally, sun-filled scenery.

#NoFilterNoFuture was a straight-forward campaign idea, with a clear message and authentic brand partnership. These 'typical' images with a twist captured the attention of the young consumer target audience, using images that stood out on the timeline amidst a sea of perfect photos.

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