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Our Top 10 Tips on How to Increase Gender Equality at the Workplace

By Bettina Berntsen on May 10, 2019

Today, we attended ODA Nettverk's Inspiration Day at Oslo Concert House for a day of inspiration, tech-talks and how to increase the gender balance in the IT industry. We were anxiously waiting for the time to reach 14:10 when the winner of the ODA Award for Organizations would be announced. FotoWare was named as a finalist, together with DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group, and NAV IKT, Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration. We heartily congratulate DNB with the prize and applaud the work they have done to increase gender balance and equality both in their own organization and for being a role model for other companies in the IT industry. Though FotoWare didn't bring the prize home this time, simply being among the three finalists next to Norwegian tech giants DNB and NAV made us feel like winners.

Our work for increased gender equality, balance, and diversity within the IT industry doesn't stop here, and being acknowledged as a finalist for our work so far proves that we are on the right track, and that being a large corporation or a smaller software company doesn't matter. We all have a say in this and can set the course for what we want the IT industry to look like going forward.


You can read more about the award on ODA Nettverk's own pages (in Norwegian) and in our blog post from last week, when it was announced that we were named as a finalist in this category, together with DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group, and NAV, Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration. 

On that note, we would love to share some tips & tricks on how to increase gender equality and diversity at the workplace. The tips are taken from a recent article that our CEO, Anne Gretland, wrote in Norwegian Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, where she offered ten tips to companies that want more women


10 Top Tips on how to increase gender equality at the workplace

  1. Follow the money. Now, most people have acknowledged that diversity equals higher revenue. First and foremost, this should come from genuinely wanting to improve society and break down barriers, but as a business you should also want to increase gender equality because it's profitable - not just because "everyone's talking about it".

  2. Targeted job postings. Your job postings and ads must be tuned to reach, and reason with, both women and men. Write the job post to reach exactly the candidate you'd like to join your team, and write what you think would appeal to that candidate. That brings us on to the next tip:

  3. Be conscious of the use of imagery. How many times haven't you seen a job posting on management roles and the only image used to visualize the ad is pictures of a man or a bunch of men. That's not very inclusive. Use pictures of all genders in all job postings. That's a general tip all over. Don't portray your company as a group of homogeneous men.

  4. Keep an eye on your website. Remember that your website is your window to the world, and the world's image of you. It's where you own and control everything about what it's supposed to look like and what message you want to send out. If you want a gender equal and diverse workplace, that's what you must communicate and visualize to the world.

  5. Both genders must be interviewed. Traditionally, men are chosen over women when it comes to picking candidates to interview for a position. Research from Harvard shows that even if you present the same CV, where the only difference is a male and a female name, the CV with the male name is chosen 76% of the time. The reason? The man is perceived as more qualified. HR and managers must be aware of this when they chose their candidates for interviews. Here at FotoWare, we've chosen to interview all women that apply for tech-positions no matter what, so we're sure that we don't miss out on good candidates.

  6. Both genders must be interviewers. According to FAFO, the chosen candidate is often the one you like the best, and that's also based on common interests and equality.

  7. Bring out the achievements! Men are often better at selling themselves at the interview, and one must be aware of that. Ask all candidates exactly the same questions, and be sure to bring out the achievements of both men and women.

  8. Don't take 'no' for an answer. If you want women as part of management, you must often ask. Boost women and give them management roles and responsibilities. Everyone should get the opportunity to try being a manager in a safe environment, and it's important to show that there are many ways of being a manager and executing leadership. Today, FotoWare's management group consists of three women and three men - that's gender equality!

  9. Walk the talk. Set the standard in the management group. Increasing gender equality at the workplace isn't only a task that HR should be responsible for. It must be on the agenda and part of the company's business strategy.

  10. Make women visible. When gender equality has increased, you must continue the work to uphold it and to further increase it. It's about keeping the women. Make sure to expose the women that are already there; on the stage and in media - and by that, attract more women to your company.

A company or organization that wants to increase gender equality and diversity must have both women and men in all parts of the organization: in management positions, top management and profession-specific positions.

If you want to join our diverse team - representing 10 different nationalities and with 38% female  representation - check out our open positions. We'd love to hear from you!

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