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The State of GDPR for HR, Marketing & Communications in 2022

Header image - The state of GDPR for HR, Marketing and Communications

Since the GDPR was first introduced to Europe in May of 2018, more and more organizations have been forced to adapt, changing the way they store and handle personal data. This has been particularly difficult for professionals working with marketing and communications, as such data is often critical to their corporate strategies.

As of this month, four years have gone by. Therefore, it’s time to ask ourselves how the GDPR has affected the way we work with marketing materials, what’s in store for the years to come, and how we can better adapt to the future.

Earlier this week, on the 24th of May, we invited several guests and speakers to a live event streamed from Litteraturhuset in Oslo where we discussed this very topic. It included interesting sessions on how marketers can navigate within the modern climate, how technology and privacy regulations affect our communication strategies, the ethics of modern marketing, and more.

If you didn’t get to see the event live, you may access the recording here.

img-blog-gdpr-event-torgeir-nina-ove Speakers, Torgeir Waterhouse (Otte AS) and Nina Hoddø Bakås (KPMG), in a discussion with event host Ove Evensen.

At FotoWare, we take the GDPR seriously and continuously improve our consent management feature, which was first released last spring. The feature enables you to store and manage consent forms within your Digital Asset Management solution, which comes in handy when using images of people for marketing purposes.

During Wednesday’s event, the feature was used to properly gather consent from participants by having them scan a custom QR code and fill out the forms using their mobile devices.

A participant using the printed QR code to access the image consent form

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FotoWare empowers organizations to be GDPR-compliant through proper use of its Digital Asset Management system, and cannot advise on any legal aspect of the GDPR. FotoWare makes no representation, warranty or guarantee of GDPR-compliance when using the product.

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