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FotoWare Breakfast Seminar: Tech for Retail Marketing & Speed to Market

By Eunbyeol Koh on July 27, 2018
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The retail landscape is changing, both internally and externally. Individuals working in the retail industry need the right tools to experts in their field. How can new technology help organization be more competitive in this changing landscape? Join us for a free seminar, including coffee and breakfast, to find the answers! 

A black, high-collar women’s wrap coat, fastened with a metal ring, was hung out for sale one recent morning at Zara’s flagship store in New York.

“Customers asked for hardware this season,” the manager said, holding out the ring. That kind of feedback, he added, can inspire a new style that reaches his store within weeks.

This coat took 25 days.

The company’s ability to respond quickly to customer taste has long been the subject of industry study. “Simply put, the reason for Inditex’s success is short lead times: the ability to offer designs to the customer that other retailers do not yet have,” Société Générale analyst Anne Critchlow said, adding that this allows the company to charge more than competitors. “Think of Zara not as a brand, but as a very speedy chameleon that adapts instantly to fashion trends.” (How a Zara Coat Went From Design to Fifth Avenue in 25 Days, The Wall Street Journal)

How can retail achieve even faster time to market in the coming years? Do they keep creative work in-house or outsource? How can they build photo studios for full control without sacrificing speed to market?
Consumers are demanding that brand can be found in every media channel and at high speed.

How can retails cope with the ever-increasing demands from consumers, and put their product in front of potential customers? How can companies get their message across to consumers in a fast and efficient way? Consumers expect their user experience to be fast and effortless.

FotoWare has prepared a seminar to talk about the retailers of tomorrow, which will take place at Microsoft office in Sweden on 28th August. The event consists of 3 speeches telling you from how retailers can keep up with the changes in the retail industry, insights for a new way of thinking on business processes, to how to stay top of your brand in the era of cutting-edge technology:

Presentation 1. The Modern Customer is Totally Crazy About Your Brand, What Should You Do?
Speaker: Paul Jones Winlund, CX Though Leader and Head of Foresight, Tieto

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We are living in an exciting time where things are happening around us - both as we see and what we do not see. Technical progress is powerful and continuous progress is progressing. Internet of Things and all connected people make more data than ever before collected. The Artificial Intelligence helps us use the data in new ways we could not imagine just a few years ago. At the same time, more customers revolve than before and the modern customer is spoiled for new services from an increasingly distortive competition.

The question many places are: How will 'retail' companies look in the future and what should you do to keep up with?

Presentation 2. Distribution of Images and Centralised Quality Assurance through the Thomas Cook Group
Speaker: Pontus Wallin, Head of Image and Film, Thomas Cook

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Join Pontus Wallin as he shares his experience of planning and implementing a solution across multiple European locations to showcase the world’s best hotels and holidays.

Hear his insights on working across a European distribution network and the need for a new way of thinking on business processes, a well-defined data model and substantial technical development. The objective was to build image and film for the group, for all markets, while getting rid of duplication of work – find out what worked well and what could have been done better.

Presentation 3. Don't Leave Your Brand Behind in a Digital Transformation
Speaker: Radmila Milenkovich, Product Marketing Manager, FotoWare

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Your brand can't afford to stand for nothing; frankly, it needs to be even more human than before, because consumers buy with their hearts. What about its identity - how do we stay brand consistent in an omnichannel world?

You'll leave this session with a hands-on guide on how to stay on top of your brand in an age of tech-savvy customers and technology-first corporate strategies.
Learn about top technology trends and practical tips to stay on top of your brand!



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