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An image watermarked to illustrate it contain a retouched individuals

3 min read

How to ensure that the right images are watermarked at the right times

Have you ever needed your images to be watermarked upon publication? Whether you’re required to do so by law or if you want to prevent externals from copying your content, watermarking is a good way of altering an image to the outside world. However,...

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Photos by Vidar Ruud in the FotoStation interface

4 min read

How FotoStation Transformed Photography - An Interview With Vidar Ruud

Vidar Ruud is currently a photographer at NTB – Norway’s largest agency for production of media photography – and has been working with FotoStation since the early ’90s. As a passionate photographer, he has been using the program for both personal and...

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img-making a difference-features

3 min read

Featured in 'Making a Difference Through Photography' exhibition

This exhibition gathers together photographs from organizations that make a difference for others from all over the world, and has been titled ‘Making a Difference through Photography’. It will run for three weeks, starting from 18th of September, in one...

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3 min read

The Tools Beyond the Camera [Interview: Melanie-Jane Frey - Part 2]

In part II of our interview with French photographer, Melanie-Jane Frey, we discuss the motivations and inspirations behind her artistic work, after a 20-year career covering war, social issues and politics. Discover why Melanie considers using the right...

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4 min read

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words - World Photo Day

At FotoWare, we want to make a difference - in everything we do! We want to help give accessibility to the masses, to spread knowledge and tell the stories that matter. We want to help our customers carry out their missions and values with ease and...

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7 min read

Showing the Emotional Cost of War and Our Co-existence with Wildlife - Ami Vitale, National Geographic

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve been shot at, charged at by elephants and rhinos, contracted malaria, or dressed up in a panda suit covered in urine and faeces just to get close to them. Yet these are just a handful of the experiences that...

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1 min read

The Experiences of 'The Eyes for Hip Hop' [Chi Modu Video Interview]

Who is Chi Modu?

Chi Modu is a photojournalist responsible for producing some of the most iconic images of the Hip Hop movement. Throughout his career he has worked with legends of the genre, including Tupac, Biggie and Snoop Dogg, and his photos helped...

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9 min read

From Souvenirs to National Geographic: an interview with Gerd Ludwig

At the Russian Academy of Science, Vladimir Putin stands surrounded by scientists and bodyguards. Joining with reformers, he was handpicked by Yeltsin and elected to Russia’s highest office in 1999. He has ruled the country with a strong hand and...
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