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Suspect Technologies Transforming Law Enforcement

By Eunbyeol Koh on December 4, 2019
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Recently FotoWare began a new partnership with Suspect Technologies, a face imaging technology provider for the law enforcement industry. Its AgentAI platform assists law enforcement agencies by accelerating and enhancing their ability to protect, investigate, alert, and report.

We caught up with Jacob Sniff, the CEO of Suspect Technologies, to learn more about their technologies and how these can help solve crimes.


What does Suspect Technologies do?

Suspect Technologies provides law enforcement with face imaging technology. The problems Suspect Technologies addresses are two open machine vision problems in law enforcement: redaction and facial recognition. Both are high-impact, technically challenging, and time-consuming. The company has already launched an initial redaction product partnered with several large brands in law enforcement.

What are the main products and services that Suspect Technologies provide?

We develop the highly robust video redaction software Exact Redact™ for blurring faces and objects in video. Our advanced tracking algorithm identifies faces and bodies to redact efficiently and effectively. It's compatible with most known video and audio file formats. With its frame-by-frame review and text notation capabilities, you can isolate critical information for further investigation and include embedded notes for future review.   

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Photo by Suspect Technologies

Our identiFACE™ product is a facial matching solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to quickly compare a single image to those stored in a record management system. Post-Incident Facial Matching vies confidence levels for all matches found and notes where each subject appears in the image. identiFACE™ does hours of work in mere seconds by: 

  • Searching large volumes of images quickly to identify investigative leads in critical cases.
  • Searching delivers the top match results with corresponding confidence levels.
  • Integrating smoothly into your existing records management system or evidence system.


Photo by Suspect Technologies


How did the opportunity emerge to add FotoWare to your portfolio of offerings? What do you expect from FotoWare?

FotoWare has a Digital Evidence Management product marketed to a variety of industries including law enforcement. A lot of those industries are interested in blurring faces, licenses, and other objects in the video that is being stored. By enabling our technologies, I believe that FotoWare solutions will make an even bigger difference in the life of police representatives.


What are the most common & unique use cases of your solutions in Police and Intelligence?

The most common use case is a robust blurring of faces. Suspect Technologies' software solution - Automated Video Redaction (AVR) - is optimized for body-worn footage, which faces unique challenges due to poor lighting, movement, and low resolution. The AVR system employs an advanced algorithm that automatically tracks faces and identifiers, allowing them to be easily blurred, which immensely reduces the time it takes to redact a video. This product is being rolled out to several thousand law enforcement agencies in the next two years.

One of the unique use cases I've seen is Facial Recognition glasses for special operations. They provide the ability to detect, monitor and analyze active threats at incidents in real-time as well as document for later analysis.


How do you deal with concerns around security in police departments?

Suspect Technologies' product is CJIS compliant in the cloud and can also be deployed on-premise. This usually handles all security concerns. Law enforcement agencies should look more toward cloud solutions as it's definitely easier for vendors to deploy, update and manage their digital assets.


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Can technology help make crime-solving more efficient?

Yes, technology can definitely help reduce crime; for example, suspect technologies video analytics can identify bad people in real-time as well as historically help solve cases by searching and identifying relevant parts of video feeds.


Find out more about how FotoWare can support your evidence management needs by reading our Digital Evidence Management for Police eBook.



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