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Speeding Up Photography Workflows with FotoStation

By Mariana Mehedyniuk on May 27, 2020
FotoStation screen

FotoStation is an image management tool that was developed by FotoWare 25 years ago. Initially it was used in newsrooms and picture desks but today it is a preferred tool for thousands of photographers around the world. 

FotoStation is an excellent tool for speeding up photography workflows. It allows the photographer to easily add metadata to describe photos, make quick edits, and automate repetitive tasks such as resizing, changing file formats, renaming and more.

FotoStation can also work together with the FotoWare DAM system. For example, having curated your collections in FotoStation you can create an automated task that uploads your work to FotoWare.

If you want to learn more about FotoStation and how it works, we are happy to share a 16-minute demo video by Frédéric Sanuy, a DAM expert and CEO of ACTIVO Consulting. Here what you will learn:

  • How to select the best photo from your collection
  • Some tips on structuring metadata
  • How to publish photos on a website


Want To Try FotoStation Yourself?

The timing couldn't be better! To mark our 25th anniversary, we've activated a special discount code that allows you to buy FotoStation for only €25, instead of the normal €159!

Buy FotoStation and use code 25years in the checkout. The offer is valid until May 31.

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