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Robust IT Services Supplement Your Digital Asset Management


Earlier this year, FotoWare started a new partnership with ViitorCloud - leading IT services, consulting and business solutions provider with over nine years of experience. As a FotoWare SI (system integration) partner, ViitorCloud offers an end-to-end agglomeration of services including installation and configuration, customization, integration with 3rd party platforms and applications, consulting, training and round the clock support to FotoWare clients.  

We interviewed Rohit Purohit, the CEO at ViitorCloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and the man driving their vision, leading R&D, bringing thought leadership and building new partnerships. 

How did the opportunity emerge to add FotoWare to your portfolio of offerings?

ViitorCloud has been serving a vast clientele across the globe for almost a decade. While working with Pascal Schait – owner of A.P.S. Solutions Sarl, who is also a FotoWare Partner in the EU region to help their customers, they introduced FotoWare to us in the first quarter of 2018. This led to ViitorCloud beginning communications with FotoWare team to discuss possible future ventures and opportunities to work together as a partner to FotoWare.

Photo: Anne Gretland, CEO of FotoWare & Rohit Purohit, the CEO at ViitorCloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd

You offer services in addition to Digital Asset Management. Can you tell us more about this?
Also, why are services important for users of Digital Asset Management?

As a leading IT service, consulting and business solutions provider, ViitorCloud has many years of experience providing development solutions and services for digital platforms. As the first SI partners for FotoWare, we provide additional services on top of the deployment i.e.

  • customizing FotoWare solutions based on clients’ requirements
  • integrating their desired service aspects with their existing platforms and 3rd party applications
  • assistance in setting up cloud integrations with Microsoft Azure & AWS and on-premises for FotoWare

Further, ViitorCloud can create custom applications and integrations of FotoWare in these applications as well as streamline an enterprise’s workflows with custom APIs for integrations with 3rd party applications, platforms and systems to increase the client’s productivity and add efficiency.

Can you tell us about a project you have done with a FotoWare user? What was the outcome?

ViitorCloud has worked with two News & Media giants in India, namely Indian Express and Hindustan Times. ViitorCloud was engaged to deliver an end-to-end usage management solution for the clients. Being in the News & Media industry, the clients required a comprehensive solution for content manufacturing in a multi-tenant environment and distribution services across multiple channels in a time-sensitive manner.


How can organizations identify whether they need a Digital Asset Management solution?

While there is an incredible surge in the digital content marketplace, many enterprises are still grappling with management and distribution through multiple channels of distribution across the digital and traditional landscapes, they are still dependent on external resources to manage their digital assets and deployment processes as well as brand management.

Enterprises are still struggling with multiple issues while the market has become truly globalized. To make certain if an enterprise holds a requirement for Digital Asset Management, ViitorCloud asks them to focus on few elements during their content curation and delivery.

  1. Does the increasing amount of assets, multifariousness of file formats and ever-growing asset sizes cause inconvenience? Will the addition of an efficient search and tagging mechanism, more mature storage management and efficient automated workflows for digital delivery strategies cure this inconvenience?
  2. Are they in need for additional content protection measures to secure them from high-profile leaks of their and their clients’ digital content?
  3. Whether the shrinking release windows for deployment and expanding workflows in-between teams is in the need of automated processes and digital delivery.
  4. Even if the enterprises and companies are not yet struggling with these issues, will they in the future benefit from the diverse solutions provided regarding the ingestion, metadata tagging, search functionality, transcoding, secure protection, and distribution to leverage a SOA framework integrating state-of-the art components and excellent IT support?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes then the entity requires a Digital Asset Management solution, which can further be customized to their specific requirements.

How does Viitor Cloud continue to help customers once FotoWare has been implemented?

ViitorCloud Technologies services for FotoWare customers include end-to-end support services for existing FotoWare digital asset management systems and their workflows utilizing the DAM. ViitorCloud offers a myriad of services for the DAM platform; with our expertise in IT we customize a cloud based or an on-premise platform that enables rapid deployment and reduced total cost of ownership. Furthermore, other services include strategy, solution evaluation, consulting, system implementation and 3rd party integration services when a custom approach is required.

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