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Reviewing our 2019 Digital Asset Management Wish-list

By Alex Kronenberg on January 2, 2020
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In January 2019, we wrote about our top five wishes for the Digital Asset Management industry. Almost one year on, as the decade comes to a close, we thought we should reflect on our wish-list and see how the year turned out. Find out what has changed (if anything!) and what we hope 2020 has in store.

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FotoWare wish #1: We hope that even more marketing teams using DAM will be able to open their collections to the rest of their organization, or external partners, to achieve greater end-to-end brand consistency!

In truth, this is a never ending wish! As content production continues to increase for marketing departments, the day-to-day tasks get more varied, time gets wasted, and inefficiencies start to creep in to your routines. The role of marketing departments has changed - they are now more like your company's in-house newsroom, and it's getting more difficult than ever to keep track of the many media files they are creating, organizing, and sharing. Not to mention, the pure volume of creation means it has never been harder to ensure that everything produced is consistent with your branding.

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Photo credit: Maxim Schulz

FotoWare wish #2: We hope to be able to help more forces around the world benefit from DAM!

In July, we attended the Interpol Word 2019 exhibition in Singapore, to meet law enforcement agencies from all over the world. Our Marketing Manager, Radmila Milenkovich, presented about a workflow scenario that focused on the way many of our customers, who use FotoWare for Digital Evidence Management, manage their evidence all the way from the camera to the courtroom. Over the last few years, cameras have helped to improve police work tremendously. Now, it is down to collecting, organizing, and sharing that data - but there are challenges to ensure that law enforcement teams spend less time doing administrative work and more time on solving cases.

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FotoWare wish #3: We hope to see more AI possibilities introduced, that go beyond keyword tagging, and enable DAM managers with automatic recognition of emotions in video and accurate live translation of subtitles.

We have definitely seen another year of innovation, making a real impact towards metadata on files - but there is still some way to go! Earlier this year, we introduced Microsoft Cognitive Services for users, with a particularly interesting service called 'Faces'. It lets you train the algorithm using your own set of data, for example recognizing the faces of your employees. This provides an incredibly powerful solution to potentially costly problem areas such as GDPR compliance, saving many hundreds (if not thousands!) of hours for organizations.

And we're not going to stop there! In 2020, we plan to continue our work towards bringing solutions in Digital Asset Management that make our users' live easier, so they no longer need to do incredibly tedious, time-consuming manual work.

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img-blog-2019 review-2020 preview-azure cognitive servicesSnapshot from FotoWare Microsoft Azure cognitive services demo

FotoWare wish #4: We wish to see user experiences that work seamlessly and help them do the best, most efficient job possible.

This wish definitely came true - at least, we think so! This year we launched a new E-Book about 7 time-saving DAM workflows, which featured examples from our customers and some of our own top tips. Despite launching in the autumn, the E-Book is our most downloaded resource of the entire year, which shows the huge demand from organizations of all shapes and sizes to work smarter.

We were also absolutely thrilled to receive so many incredible applications for the Media Management Award 2019, which we launched for the first time this year. We created this world-first award in order to recognize the world's best project with Digital Asset Management and highlight the people behind these amazing projects who are finding innovative ways to work more efficiently and make a difference in the world. It was truly humbling for all of us to see the incredibly clever uses of Digital Asset Management from users in a wide range of industries. We were delighted to announce the joint project between the Icelandic Police and National University Hospital as the winners of the inaugural 2019 award.

Will it be back for 2020? Absolutely! The Media Management Award 2020 is just around the corner, so stay tuned for updates.

FotoWare wish #5: We hope to see the growth of SaaS solutions continue in 2019, giving even more customers increased flexibility, removing the headaches of server demands and maintenance, and saving on unnecessary costs.

For the second year running, we've seen more organizations than ever interested in Digital Asset Management SaaS solution. We live in a world that's getting increasingly more immediate and consumers want to be able to make purchasing decisions and get started straight away. In addition, SaaS means the organizations don't need to be concerned with maintaining and updating the system themselves, saving yet more time and eradicating unnecessary expenses.

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