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6 Reasons to Work at FotoWare as a Developer

By Lucas Kolberg on March 5, 2020

Over the last few years FotoWare has grown a lot. Having originally started as a result of the media industry's need to embrace digitalization, FotoWare is now used by more than 250,000 users and 4,000 organizations from a wide range of industries, including Police, Museums, Retail, Marketing, Education, and of course Media. We're always striving to make life easier for our users, which means we're always looking to hire the best talent to join our team and help make FotoWare even better.

We recently caught up with some members of our development team to ask what they like about working at FotoWare. Here are some of the highlights of working at FotoWare:

Cutting-edge Technology

In the modern world, the amount of content that companies create is increasing rapidly. It all needs to be stored somewhere, and this exponential growth makes finding and reusing this content an increasingly difficult task. With FotoWare's SaaS solution, we're helping companies all over the world to access their important files wherever they are, so they can spend more time doing what they do best!

"I chose to work as a developer at FotoWare because I am keen on modern innovations, technologies, and smart solutions – FotoWare includes all these qualities. Every day you bring real value to the world, developing product features that are used by thousands of people." - Developer

Incredible Users

More than 4,000 companies and 250,000 people use FotoWare, so you're not only working for us, but all of our incredible users too! We work to the flywheel model, meaning that our users are at the center of our business. With such a diverse user-base, representing a varied range of industries, you will be working on creating the best solution for all of our customers in different sectors.

Always Learning

As technology is constantly evolving, learning is a vital part of everyone's lives at FotoWare. Passion is one of our shared values here, and - as our mission states - we want to be driving pioneering innovation to make a difference in our users' lives. We therefore encourage personal development for our employees.

"FotoWare has an amazing product with many users and the chance to work on this product has given me a lot of experience. Everyday I learn something new and am presented with new challenges." - Front End Developer

Diverse and Inclusive

We take pride in our history - not only FotoWare's history, but our employees' too. We believe that diversity is also beneficial from a creative perspective, and at FotoWare you'll be working alongside people from more than 10 different cultures and backgrounds. This contributes to our dynamic and innovative working environment.

Flexible Working

We want our employees to perform to their full capabilities, and we believe in allowing work to fit around life - not the other way around. We encourage our employees to work in a way that suits them the best. Whether that means working remotely, or working flexible hours, FotoWare supports you working the way that's best for you. Easier to work from home on a certain day? Need to leave early to pick up the kids from school? No problem!

Established & Stable Market Leader with over 20 Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the DAM market and customers all over the world, FotoWare has become one of the market leaders for the industry. Working at FotoWare means you'll be surrounded by expertise and pretty soon you will be an expert as well.

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