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There aren’t many people who can say they’ve been shot at, charged at by elephants and rhinos, contracted malaria, or dressed up in a panda suit covered in urine and faeces just to get close to them. Yet these are just a handful of the experiences that Ami Vitale has encountered over the last 18 years, working as a photojournalist for some of the world’s best-known publications, including National Geographic Magazine.

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Gerd Ludwig is a documentary photographer who has travelled the world shooting for publications including National Geographic, Time, Fortune and Geo. Specialising in socio-political and ecological issues, his work has lead him to Eastern Europe on a number of occasions, in particular documenting the changes from the break-up of the former Soviet Union and the impact of the Chernobyl disaster.

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Chi Modu has had a fascinating career as a photojournalist. In Part I of our interview we talked about his experiences involving the world's biggest Hip Hop artists and his latest project, UNCATEGORIZED. In the second half of our chat Chi talks about the business behind his passion, the changing face of photography and social media.

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Chi Modu is a photojournalist who's responsible for producing some of the most iconic images of the Hip Hop movement. Throughout his career he has worked with legends including Tupac, Biggie and Snoop Dogg and his photos helped to define Hip Hop culture. He has recently released Tupac Shakur: Uncategorized, a book featuring 200 pages of previously unseen photos of the rapper 20 years after his death. In Part I of our interview, Chi talks about how he began shooting with Hip Hop's biggest stars and why an empty billboard inspired one of the most important turning points of his career.

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