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2019 Partner Summit Summary

By James Rice-McAulay on March 14, 2019
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40+ people from around the world gathered together in the former Oslo Sparebank headquarters in downtown Oslo for the FotoWare Partner Summit 2019, where we enjoyed 3 great days. 3 great days of learning, sharing and caring for our large partner network, making sure that everyone was kept up-to-date with the latest news and developments, with a packed programme including many interesting presentations and speakers.

Some very cool ideas about the intersection of technology, sales and marketing were shared in the sessions, with particular emphasis on how we as individuals can very much embrace the changes that are happening before our own eyes, brilliantly demonstrated by the use of the Flywheel. We've learnt that our customers are our most powerful resource, and that you should put them at the very heart of your business; keeping your customers happy is the key to driving growth, as it leads to more referrals through word-of-mouth.

Our CEO, Anne Gretland, opened Day 2 with an inspiring keynote speech which highlighted just how much of an asset (excuse the pun!) our partners are to us. This was then demonstrated by our partners, who showed us how they're helping to solve their customer's challenges, in a speed casing session on Day 3. It's important to look at how DAM solves specific business challenges, and we're so happy to see that our partners are taking good care of our customers!

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We also looked at current & future marketing trends, and how to be present on social media, and learnt more about how these two tie together. Share relevant and engaging content, be where your increasingly informed buyers and potential customers are, and ultimately, drive more leads to your website. This was finished off with a quiz (congrats to Johan Leide on winning the gold!) and a Q&A on social media with our very own marketing team.

There were some important messages from guest speakers Ketil Delmark Pedersen (Microsoft), Louise Fuchs (kolonial.no), Thomas Bakken (Microsoft) and Bjørn Hopland (Smart Endring);

1. Change is already here. Embrace it! Teach your customers about the value of moving to the cloud.

2. Cognitive Services can help the public sector (and beyond!) to better serve the needs of a more demanding society. A good example of this was the application for Doctors, which can record and transcribe conversations between them and their patients, and add this to their medical records. Highly innovative stuff!

3. Digitalization is about people, not tech.

4. You shouldn't attempt to cut someone's hair using a drone. At least not yet.

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Day 2 was topped off with fantastic dinner at Grefsenkollen Restaurant, which bought together our employees and partners in an informal setting with great food and atmosphere, in what was essentially a large 'hytte' (that's a 'cabin' or 'holiday cottage', for those who aren't familiar with this aspect of Norwegian culture). Great to catch up with the people who are instrumental in helping us to drive our business!

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Our CEO, Anne Gretland, was thrilled with the partner summit;

"FotoWare is empowered by a broad and knowledgeable partner channel, and this week we all met in Oslo for sharing and learning across borders. The FotoWare Partner Summit has been packed with knowledge. Already looking forward to the next time we meet!"

We're very excited to see what we will achieve together in 2019 and beyond!

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