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First Week at FotoWare: The Story of EB

By Eunbyeol Koh on March 28, 2018

Getting up in the morning and seeing snow in April still astonishes me. Yes, I am a newbie to Norway. I moved to Oslo from Korea 3 months ago and I have just embarked on my new career journey at FotoWare. 

The first day

After receiving my acceptance letter from FotoWare as a Marketing Coordinator, I’ve spent the past three weeks so thrilled waiting for the first day of my job. Nonetheless, I can’t deny that I had one of the most frightening Sundays ever, the day before I started work. As a complete outlander, and not even being able to speak Norwegian at all, deep in my mind I was a little afraid that I won’t be able to blend in the team and end up being left out. However, I realized I was wrong as I took my first step in the office. A bouquet of flowers and a welcome card on my desk let my worries fly away soon after. Everyone greeted me warmly and I was invited to various activities including a board game gathering! I found myself looking forward to the next day already.

Why FotoWare?

When I started job hunting in Norway, I knew exactly what I was looking for; an environment that’s open to different ideas, being respectful toward diversity and passionate to their work. As I am new to Scandinavia, I wished to experience the culture of a Scandinavian rooted company, yet targeting the global market to which I can bring synergy from my background. FotoWare’s value of inspiring over 250,000 users around the world, as a small though influential team, with cutting-edge technology, greatly impressed me. I was deeply mesmerized by their passion towards their products.


How I feel about FotoWare

What became apparent was that FotoWare’s values – innovative, passionate, caring & responsible – shine through the whole office. Everyone was open to each other; even the CEO was sitting along with all others. One the most interesting meetings was a brainstorming session called ‘Crystal ball’. From the R&D stage, everyone gathers together and freely shares ideas. What really impressed me is that everyone carefully listens to, and actively reflects on, others opinions. Moreover, people put their best endeavours into seeking solutions, even when it’s not their specific role.

Meeting FotoWare Digital Asset Management solution

To tell the truth, the most exciting thing was that I got my own FotoWare Digital Asset Management! I enjoy taking photos and keeping every moment recorded, but it has always been a tricky part for me to keep them organized and find one. My data was scattered around my mobile, laptop, dropbox, etc. With FotoWare product, I can secure all in one spot and have full control over them.

FotoWare Digital Asset Management Solution usage sample

Not only that, I didn’t have to spend hours getting all the marketing materials from the other colleague’s hard drive. At just one click on FotoWare, I was able to access to the whole brand assets accumulated over the past 20 years. It was so straightforward and intuitive that I could start to use it right away.

It has already made a difference in my life, but it’s amazing to think how much potential it can bring to bigger organizations!

Who am I?

Being born and raised in a small country town in Korea, I’ve been fascinated by various cultures out in the world. I spent much of my 20’s exploring the globe which has immensely changed my perspectives. Being part of something new always excites me. I want to play a role in something I’m not only passionate about but also inspiring to others.

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