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Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Challenger - Christian Schneider [Interview]

By Alex Kronenberg on August 1, 2019

Meet Christian, a French business owner and with 10 years of triathlon experience, who will be taking on Norseman Xtreme Triathlon with his sister by his side.

Earlier this year, FotoWare became a proud sponsor of Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, helping to ensure more efficient management of their growing image and video archive. We caught up with some of this year's brave challengers, to find out why they're passionate about extreme triathlon, how they train responsibly, and what empowers them to do more and push their bodies to the limits. Meet Christian...

Name: Christian Schneider 
Age: 48
Nation: France
Job: Business Owner
Started Triathlon: 2009

How does Norseman affect your daily life?
This kind of race makes the normal day a little bit more interesting. You have to organize everything a little bit better. The time with your family is the top priority, then it's running the company and making sure I have enough time for the training. It’s really fun, there's no time to waste!


Where does your passion to compete in Norseman come from?
The day that you are personally hurt you see everything a little bit different. I want to achieve something great in different field, and in triathlon the Norseman race is something special.

How do you prepare for an extreme triathlon like Norseman?
Since I started to take part in the extreme triathlon format, I enlisted a coach to organize my weekly schedule. For this second time taking part, I changed my coach and added more training hours into my agenda. Plus, I purchased a new home-trainer to be able to do more climbing, because in Brittany we don’t have so many mountains!


If you feel like you want to give up, what motivates you to push forward?
Give up?! I do this race with my sister and together we can run to the moon!

Does it motivate or inspire you to see pictures of yourself or/and other athletes after competing?
Yes, because you have so much emotion in this moment: all the training, concentration, and energy that you put together for these few seconds [at the moment the photo is taken] is just magic. It’s like touching the heavens, and as soon as the finish line is crossed you turn the page for the next adventure.

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