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Media Management Award 2020 from Last Year's Finalists

Media Management award 2020

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Media Management Award is back for a second consecutive year - and applications are now open! 

The award was created with the intention of recognizing the people behind the world's greatest media management projects. We were delighted to see it become such a success in 2019, with applicants and nominations from various industries worldwide.

The jury will again be made up of some of the best and brightest minds in media management, and we are thrilled to present them to you:

  • Julia Hatfield, Head, News Platform Capability Management @ Reuters
  • Turgay Guel, System Administrator @ Hamburg Police
  • Andreas Gnutzmann, CTO @ FotoWare

''we need such an award to show what is possible. Far too often, I still see companies or public organizations that store their photos, videos, documents, sounds, and other digital assets in Windows folders and subfolders, and use these data poorly.'' says Turgay

The 2019 Finalists and Winner

To give some inspiration we would like to share with you a summary of last year's finalists and the winning media management project:

Winner: Júlíus Sigurjónsson and Einar Karl Kristjánsson, The Icelandic Police & The National University Hospital of Iceland
This was by far the most innovative and unique media management project. The implementation of the project is ground-breaking on a world-scale and demonstrates an example of connectivity and collaboration that is unprecedented. The project highlights the importance and need to share information between sectors, and how this technology greatly benefits the safe-keepers of society and the public. The team behind the project was therefore the winner of the award in 2019!

Finalist: Julia Mant, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)
NIDA framed their media management problem well and demonstrated their identified objectives. Julia Mant and her team at NIDA managed to archive 350,000 digital images from various categories, making it possible for students to download images so they can build their portfolio efficiently. The project lists a broad spectrum of stakeholders involved and shows integrations with Moodle, Social Media, and their Website.
Read an interview with Julia.


Credit: The National Institute of Dramatic Art's Archive in FotoWare

Finalist: Klaus Rüschhoff, Springer Nature
Springer Nature demonstrated detailed used of their integrations and unique workflows, and the project has been rolled out by Springer to a broad audience in different locations. All employees can access more than 80,000 images from different photo agencies and locations. The team also demonstrated creativity in the use of metadata and workflows. The project made it possible to reject all royalty-free images, enable editing, guarantee versioning and complete all metadata around the images in a simpler way.

''The challenge of the complete project was to motivate all colleagues to keep the metadata up to date and normalized over all of our approx. 200.000 images. Storing images in an own image database (available for all) with correct and up to date metadata is the guaranty to find the images that staff are searching for. [...] All image requesters must fill out a short form with information about planned uses and additional information for why the user wants to have it in the image metadata. All this information will be added to the standardized and normalized image metadata.'' says Klaus Rüschhoff

Read the full account of the 2019 Media Management Award winner

How is the winner selected?

The criteria is weighed with a total grade of 20 and the projects are judged on three main categories:

1. Innovation - the nominee/applicant demonstrates use of new technology. Secondly, the application showcases integration of different solutions to ensure the best flow. Most importantly, the jury allocates 4 points to the team/person that has a creative and proactive approach.

2. Impact - The project had a positive impact on the organization's goals; The project was rolled out to a broad audience and/or in a unique scenario.

3. Responsibility - the project incorporated their/his/her organizational culture & values; The project puts security, availability, and access at the forefront. The team has considered the importance and implications of data protection of their digital assets.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to demonstrate all to apply - a candidate can still win even if they do not showcase all points. There are no restrictions on the kind of tools used for media management, and we welcome applications from projects with any purpose or goal.


Click here to send your application today.

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