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Media Management Award 2020: The Finalists

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We are pleased to announce the finalists of the second Media Management Award. It recognizes people and teams who work with media assets in an impactful and innovative way.

The Media Management Award 2020 gathered applicants from various countries and industries. The jury consisted of three experts representing different verticals: Turgay Guel from Hamburg Police, Julia Hatfield from Reuters, and Andreas Gnutzmann from FotoWare.

After careful evaluation, jury selected three finalists of the Media Management Award 2020. They are:

  1. Leslie Calderone, The White House Historical Association, U.S.

  2. Andrea Jones, The Royal Preston Hospital, UK.

  3. Shaliza Ferragamo, The South Australian Tourism Commission, Australia.

Keep reading to learn more about the finalists and their projects.

© Photo by Adobe

The White House Historical Association (WHHA)

WHHA, a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution, aims to enhance the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the White House's history. WHHA established The Digital Library to provide public access to its historical collection covering the history of The White House using the FotoWare DAM system.


Archive view

© The White House Historical Association

The Digital Library uses American library metadata, digital preservation standards, and a set of custom workflows (for example, for licensing). All of it allows the Digital Library to be a self-sustaining enterprise within the WHHA.

The Digital Library also serves as an important internal resource to all WHHA departments. It stores the assets that supplement WHHA publications, website, and promotional materials.

With FotoWare, WHHA developed a shopping cart and integrated it with its licensing program, making it easier for customers to find the Digital Library, acquire images, and license them. It helps generate repeat customers and increase revenue, which is important for the Digital Library as a nonprofit institution.

Here is what Andreas Gnutzmann, CTO of FotoWare, says about the project:

The project definitely brings some business success. WHHA achieves good adoption both internally and externally, with a single solution that adapts the delivery of media based on permissions.

The Royal Preston Hospital

The Royal Preston Hospital provides a full range of district general hospital services in Lancashire, UK. While lots of workers are furloughed during the COVID-19 crisis, many parts of the NHS (United Kingdom National Health Service) work as usual among them, the wound care.

One of the important aspects of wound care is clinical photography as it helps to plan treatment, monitor progression, and document recovery. Due to COVID-19 and its restrictions, photographic wound monitoring had to be changed to minimize contact between patients and staff.

To achieve that, Andrea Jones, Clinical Lead from the Medical Photography Department, worked with Medialogix, the FotoWare partner in the UK to deploy a Clinical Uploader App.

Clinical Uploader App

© Medialogix

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The app fully integrates with the existing FotoWare system and is configured to collect patient demographics, consent, files, and any associated metadata in a single package. It is then uploaded to FotoWare and can be viewed by the appropriate staff.

At the initial stage, the main users of the App were the ward-based nurses and the Tissue Viability Team, supported by the Clinical Photography team.

Here is how it works: the nursing staff can picture the wound while changing the dressing. The pictures are then uploaded to FotoWare and can be viewed by the Tissue Viability Team. It helps them decide which patients to see in person and which can be provided with wound care advice remotely.

Ultimately, the Clinical Uploader App has reduced the number of staff contact with the patient from three to one. It has a positive impact on infection control measures without compromising patient care and safety. The App is now being rolled out to further areas in anticipation of the rise in cases over the winter period.

Here is the jury's opinion:

The solution uses the technology responsibly to offer better protection both for patients and the medical staff. It is an exciting project that is easy to roll out more broadly.

The South Australian Tourism Commission

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) aims to make South Australia a destination of choice for international and domestic visitors. Among other resources and activities, the SATC has created The South Australia Media Gallery, powered by FotoWare.

Bunyeroo Valley, Flinders Ranges & Outback

© Photo by Ben Goode

The Gallery facilitates the distribution of the SATC’s visual assets to internal and external users. It also stores all the archived assets.

The South Australia Media Gallery services the requirements of SATC staff, as well as being accessible externally to the wider tourism industry for the promotion of South Australia through tourism-related projects.

Currently, SATC is working a wide cross-section of users and industries. It includes the tourism industry, media, events, government, and creative agencies.

To make the Gallery work more efficiently, the SATC has implemented automatic approval of registrations and orders based on pre-defined rules and regulations.

It results in approximately 99 percent of orders being automatically approved, almost immediately. This frees up the SATC staff to focus on other aspects of the user experience and ensuring assets are being used appropriately.

In the opinion of the jury, SATC demonstrated some strong custom integrations and tailored configuration. In such a way, they took the existing DAM concepts and tweaked them to fit perfectly to their requirements.

The winner of the Media Management Award 2020 will be announced on October 15th.



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