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It's your data, never ours

By Olav Andreas Frenning on June 13, 2016

ETL. Three letters. It sounds so simple. Yet, in my time working with various databases and many different Digital Asset Management systems, I’ve seen grown men cry when trying to convert data from one system to another.

Did you know FotoWare is the easiest DAM system to replace? 
Customers can switch to a competing product at any time - and that is a good thing.

Not all vendors are alike. Some are indifferent about contingency - and never consider the fact that you may want to replace their system in the future. Some want to lock up your data so that it is difficult for you to move to a competitor. And in the cloud-world, some are outright "evil", and ensure that it is close to impossible to retrieve your own data. The GDPR may have put and end to the latter, but still you should consider the ease with which data can be ported before choosing your DAM.

Because of this, we decided to build FotoWare differently. We live in a world where data reigns, not software. How easily data travels from system to system is paramount for success. We believe this applies both to us and our customers.

We therefore built our solution entirely on industry standards - first IPTC and later XMP metadata. All metadata is embedded into your assets, not stored separately in a databases with custom schemas. This makes it extremely easy to transmit assets to other systems. In fact, all of our real competitors can directly import any data you’ve created using FotoWare products.

Now we have taken another important step. Because embedded metadata requires some serious programming to be useful, it may be challenging to use this as a data exchange model for smaller projects or integration work. It may be a serious threshold for programmers that are new to digital assets.

We have therefore created a beautiful, easy to understand API for FotoWeb based on RESTful hypermedia principles. Best of all - it is free to all our customers. And well documented on learn.fotoware.com. This enables you to access your data in completely new ways, and build more powerful integrations easier than ever before. Most importantly, it ensures you have complete ownership of your data.

To sum this up: FotoWare has made the most easily replaced DAM system on the planet. We love this challenge this gives us - it forces us to never stop innovating, build high-quality products, and provide fanatically good support services - so that our customers stay loyal because they want to.

Leave any time you want - and take your data with you. You’ll smile if you ever want to move your data to your new system. That’s a promise.