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Is Digital Asset Management Difficult?

By Bettina Berntsen on December 15, 2016

The Vendor says: "Digital Asset Management is easy."

The Consultant says: "Digital Asset Management is difficult."

What should you as a customer believe? And can you believe this article, as the author is the CEO of a digital asset management vendor and definitely biased?

The correct answer is: All of the above. (That includes trusting me, a vendor! (wink))

Obviously, both statements are biased. Vendors want you to sign up for their service or buy their product. Consultants want you to buy their services.

So is digital asset management really difficult? No. Digital Asset Management technology in itself is not difficult. In fact, DAMs make peoples life easier, and help companies increase efficiency across many practices. Many companies experience vastly increased efficiency and big cost savings in just days after installing a DAM.

However, big projects are inherently difficult to run. Learning new technology and practices can be challenging. Helping people embrace change can be daunting.

I have seen customers give high-fives to their implementation partners and co-workers just a week or two after plugging in their DAM. I have also seen customers not yet reaping benefits years after buying a DAM. I've seen both situations both with my own company's software and with other vendors' software.

How can you ensure that your project becomes a success?

My main principle is to follow the 80/20 rule for which content to start with. Which assets will everyone in the company need at least once a month? This is the key to securing a quick win.

Once they are in the system, and you demonstrate how they have a better life in the DAM than in the old folder structures, you'll have users flocking to your DAM. It becomes practical and real to them. They see the benefits immediately, and will want to help you make the system even more valuable. Most importantly: They will tell you what is really important to them for the project to be a success in their eyes.

I have three more tips that will help you build on this early success, and keep your colleagues involved in the rest of the process. Implementing a DAM can be super-smooth - when done right.

And - my tips will work regardless of wheter you're implementing a FotoWare system or a DAM from another vendor, so stay tuned.

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