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Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Challenger - Kieran Ballard-Tremeer [Interview]

By Alex Kronenberg on July 31, 2019

Meet Kieran, a Swimming Teacher from South Africa, who's training for Norseman Xtreme triathlon in the scorching Dubai sun! 

Earlier this year, FotoWare became a proud sponsor of Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, helping to ensure more efficient management of their growing image and video archive. We caught up with some of this year's brave challengers, to find out why they're passionate about extreme triathlon, how they train responsibly, and what empowers them to do more and push their bodies to the limits.

Name: Kieran Ballard-Tremeer
Age: 42
Nation: South Africa
Job: Swimming Teacher
Location: Dubai
Started Triathlon in: 2013

How does Norseman affect your daily life?
To be honest Norseman came at just the right time for me. I live and work far away from home, and without any family, so having a goal to focus on has helped give me a sense of direction to achieve something incredible.

It's the usual challenge of trying to train around long working hours, but here in Dubai we have the additional challenge of having to train at night when temperatures start to go over 40 °C in the springtime. Even the ocean gets too hot to swim in at 33 °C and above. Considering Norseman is a cold weather race this will be a challenge indeed both physically and mentally.


Where does your passion to compete in Norseman come from?
My father brought me up to face fears and challenges head-on, and taught me to believe I could do the impossible. I have done some other unusual endurance events and several friends have done Norseman, so I had heard the legend of this race and decided to try my luck with the lottery.


How do you prepare for an extreme triathlon like Norseman?
An amazing friend Peter Weis is helping me prepare by coaching me, and I just take one day of training at a time. Preparing the right clothing has been quite a challenge as we don't need much clothing here in the heat.


If you feel like you want to give up, what motivates you to push forward?
Sink or swim is my motto. When I am 80 I want to say with assurance that I tried my best when my body was still young enough to do these adventures. No regrets. Besides, Norseman is a lucky draw so of course I will try my best not to give up and to finish the race regardless of black or white T shirt. It may be one chance in my lifetime! And I get to see beautiful Norway which is a dream come true.

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