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How We Celebrated World Photography Day with a GDPR-Compliant Photoshoot

By Amalie Widerberg on August 19, 2021
FotoWare celebrating World Photography Day

World Photography Day, on August 19th, is a day to celebrate the rich history of all things photography! As a company whose foundations lie within photography, we thought it would be the perfect time to shed light on the importance of having great photographs. So, to celebrate the occasion, we invited professionals in Oslo to participate in a free photoshoot to get new high-quality professional headshots to use on LinkedIn and anywhere else, and give their personal brand a boost!

World Photography Day 

World Photography Day was first celebrated in 2010, marking the date that the French government purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process back in 1839. The first activity associated with the day was a global online gallery - with visitors from over 100 countries - where 270 photographers shared their images. However, over a decade later, the day has got much more recognition and is now known as an international day to celebrate the importance of images worldwide.


The importance of having a visual brand

We all know how crucial it is for brands to be recognized, which is especially true nowadays when the audience is being bombarded with ads and images on a daily - if not an hourly - basis. You have to be noticeable, and in order to be that, you need to be visible. This is done through many types of assets, from videos and gifs to logos and other graphics, but the most common way of gaining visibility is undoubtedly through images. This is why having quality photos, is not just a nice attribute for your business, it is crucial for the overall success of the brand. 

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However, in this world of social media and online communication, it is not just businesses that need professional photos, but also anyone who wants to stand out on the different communication platforms. Be it email, LinkedIn, a personal website, or other online forums, your face - or lack thereof - is one of the first things people see when scanning your profile, and is a large part of how you make your first impression. 


Some of the headshots from the photoshoot 

Professional Portrait Photoshoot 

As a way to celebrate World Photography Day, we invited professionals working with marketing, communications, HR, and many other important roles, to have their picture taken at an exclusive photoshoot at FotoWare HQ in Oslo.

If you understand Norwegian and want to read more about the photoshoot, you can check out Computerworld's article about the event.

With any photoshoot, there are inevitably hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to manage, which can be a difficult task. And then there is also the question of ensuring that the files are handled in accordance with the GDPR. Fortunately, we could streamline this process using our very own Consent Management feature.



Ensuring GDPR-compliant image consent

When the guests arrived, they scanned a QR code with their mobile phone which generated a ready-made consent form for them to complete. This included the information about the reason for collecting their personal data, how it would be used, and for how long the photos would be stored. Once signed, the digital consent form could then be connected to the photos of the individual, using a unique keyword tag, when they had been uploaded to the FotoWare site. We could then find every photo of each individual quickly and easily with a simple keyword search. This also made it simple to create a shareable album for each guest, containing all their photos.

We are so excited about the results and want to thank Kolonihaven for their great help with this event. 

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