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How to Score Goals of Creative Content Marketing: Interview with Alex

By Eunbyeol Koh on July 11, 2018

As Content Writer at FotoWare, Alex shares with us inspiring talks with professionals and influencers from various industries, as well as 'behind the scenes' stories about our customers. A football-lover Alex is here to reveal more about his role and tips for creative thinking through a football match. Let the game begin!


First Half: The role of Content writer 

I've been working at FotoWare for almost two years, since moving to Norway from the United Kingdom. As the content marketing specialist here, my role is to create written and video content that essentially explains what FotoWare does in a way that's simple to understand and also easily discoverable online. 

My daily job consists of speaking to our amazing customers, writing, editing, and planning new content. Most of what I do can be found on our blog, telling the stories of our customers and how Digital Asset Management has helped them to be better at what they do. I also speak with thought-leaders and influencers to produce guest features, as well as our own Employee Spotlight, enabling our audience to get to know us, see our faces, and learn about FotoWare behind the scenes!


Half Time: Highlights of the job

It's always enjoyable speaking to our customers because they're all so varied, with such unique and interesting stories. I love hearing about how the individuals who use our solutions personally benefit, but also how the organizations that they're part of are impacted, too. It's extremely rewarding to hear first-hand the value that FotoWare provides to so many people, in many walks of life, and what a difference our solution can (and does) make. 


Second Half: Taking advantage of Digital Asset Management for Content Marketing

I use FotoWare Digital Asset Management when I need to find or create visual files for the latest blog article, video or social media post. I don't have to interrupt anybody to ask where I can find the newest version of the logo, or where that absolutely perfect stock photo is. I can just look it up in the DAM, searching for the images using keywords as if I was Googling it. 

Moreover, the stream of content is never-ending, so naturally this means that keeping everything organized can be challenging for content marketers. FotoWare helps you do that, which then saves time later on. You can find those assets exactly when you need them, you don't have to remember whether those files were saved in Google Drive, on Dropbox, or on a hard drive in a drawer somewhere... Essentially, you have more time to be creative and do what you're awesome at! 


Extra time: The thrilling last moments

It's a bit of an English stereotype, but I love football... I was a little bit obsessed growing up and would either be watching or playing football 24/7. I support Liverpool FC and, fortunately for me, half of Norway does too - so I definitely moved to the right country! 

Oslo has been an amazing place to watch the 2018 World Cup, with so many passionate and knowledgeable football fans around - many with a soft spot for England. If you know the words to Three Lions by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds, we'll get on just fine... ⚽️➡️🏠

Now, I play for a club here in Norway. We're in the 5th Division, so we probably won't be making any appearances in the Tippeligaen any time soon... 


 Penalty shoot-out: 5 tips for how to score with Creative Thinking

  1. Make notes of every idea. Ok, not every idea, but you never know where something may lead you... An idea which may sound ridiculous at first could lead you down a path to something great. It'll also help you to keep track of your thoughts so you revisit them. There's nothing worse than thinking of an idea that has potential, then not being able to remember what it was!

  2. Brainstorm. Two heads are better than one and talking about something together can be a great source of inspiration. Bouncing ideas off each other and feeding off each others' energy is a great way to keep the motivation and thoughts flowing.

  3. Listen to music! There are countless studies that suggest positive effects of music on cognition, improving learning and enhancing memory, while 'happy music' is said to benefit creative thinking. Sure, it's not always the answer... sometimes you need peace and quiet. But, there's no denying it can help to transform your frame of mind, opening you up to explore more through your thoughts.

  4. Know your stuff. If your knowledge around a subject is limited, you can't expect to come up with great creative ideas about it. As with many things, the hard work that people don't see is so important to giving you the right foundations. Becoming an expert by really doing your research and consuming yourself in a topic can give you the best possible chance for thinking of new, different ideas. 

  5. Don't force it. You can try too hard to be creative, which can cause a bit of a block and result in the least creative ideas. I sometimes find that ideas can come when I'm not trying desperately to think about them. If you find yourself struggling, it can better to take a step back (if you have the luxury of time) and let your subconscious take over. Keep those thoughts ticking over in the back of your mind and you may be pleasantly surprised!  


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