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How to Identify if You Need a Digital Asset Management Solution - infoMAX

By Eunbyeol Koh on August 14, 2019

Based in Denmark, infoMAX is one of the oldest partners that have worked with FotoWare. For the past 2 decades, infoMAX has helped various customers around the world take control of their digital assets by implementing different media archives, from a complete workflow on Abu Dhabi's largest newspaper to single-user solutions for photographers.

We caught up with Mikal Mong Kolstad, an owner of infoMAX, to hear about its customer story and learn how organizations can identify whether they need a DAM solution. 
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How long has infoMAX worked in the Digital Asset Management industry? 

infoMAX started in 2008 when we bought Caslon IT where we were employed. I worked at FotoWare as QA Manager for 5-6 years before moving to Denmark. So I have worked with FotoWare solutions for more then 19 years now. First technical service and installation, but lately I focus time on marketing, customer relations and sales.

What industries have you found to be most in need of a Digital Asset Management solution?

We target many marketing departments and businesses that have many pictures and videos. It does not matter if its business, government or newspapers. FotoWare Digital Asset Management can be used by everyone that has media files that need to be cataloged and found for use/reuse. But I can see that the customers that have many products, either for sale or even production, benefit very fast from implementing a FotoWare system.

Jem & Fix is one of our customers that hugely benefit from FotoWare. They are a very big sales company with many products. They have 121 physical shops in Denmark and now work on starting up in Sweden and Norway. It’s so easy for them to add pictures to a new product in their webshop. One master file is sent to FotoWare and 4 files in special sizes are delivered into their webshop. They have 10.000+ products in the webshop now.

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How can organizations identify whether they need a DAM solution?

If you have many files, and they are located on personal drives, network drives, USB keys, CD’s and DVD’s – you need a FotoWare Digital Asset Management system. Bonus, you do not loose files when your staff quit. Reuse of files are also much cheaper than taking new photos. Centralizing your photos makes it easy for all employees to find exactly those files that they want.

With a DAM system, you can easily see that employees will get more work done. Especially with the plugins,  media files are found and placed in your document much faster. You can search in the plugin and place it directly, it's so much faster than browsing your network drive in folders, resizing/cropping and placing manually. For example in InDesign trying remember where a certain image you're looking for is located - the direct placement is way faster than the “manual” way.

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How does infoMAX continue to help its customers?

We serve all business/companies that need to put together a collection of media files. We also do integrations towards other systems ourselves, as we have Michael Wandall Ohlsen employed. He is a specialist on getting your files from your old DAM system, enriching them with metadata and bringing them to life in a new, versatile FotoWare system. If there is a need for plugin towards a CMS system, he can do that too. So FotoWare is your base media file location, delivering the files when and where they are to be used.

Once our user implements a FotoWare system, we try to inform them about new functionality and keep them updated with the continuous release of feature versions. There is always something new to show them.

Creating Marketing campaigns, visiting and interacting with my customers and seeing that new customers enjoy the way that they now can use the files much faster and efficient than earlier. The metadata enrichment makes it all so much easier.


img-blog-infomax-UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a7b-1 Mikal Mong Kolstad



 infoMAX Aps

 infoMAX Aps

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