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How to effectively and securely handle drone data - Interpol Drone Expert Summit 2022

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Recently FotoWare participated in the Interpol Drone Expert Summit 2022 (IDES2022), a global Law Enforcement event for police, agencies, academia, industry and government. Hosted by INTERPOL, the Norwegian Police (Politiet) and UAS Norway, the event aims to explore issues and activities impacting public safety and security for the communities law enforcement and governments are charged to protect.

During the 3-day event held in Oslo, leading experts in the drone arena were brought together to share, demonstrate and enhance knowledge around drones and their environments - including countermeasures, investigations, and the use of drones by law enforcement. Over 30 speakers and 15 exhibitors, including FotoWare, within the law enforcement and public safety sectors discussed current challenges and best practices in the law enforcement domain with regards to drones.



Managing drone footage during the exercises

FotoWare was also part of several simulation exercises held during the event. For example, in case of a fire on a civilian ferry or a terrorist manhunt, the exercises demonstrate how drones can be used to get an overview of the situation or search for a suspect. 

Images and videos taken from drones are uploaded to a FotoWare media library, so that internal departments and participants involved can access them immediately. Relevant content can also securely be shared with external organizations, such as the press and journalists. Time spent on media communication reduces significantly since collecting, sharing, and browsing are all happening on the same platform. In crime-solving or rescue operations, imagery is a crucial part of the investigation, and being able to use a central image database for all the files can be an important step in ensuring efficiency.

One of the biggest issues in handling digital evidence concerns the security associated with data sharing. In FotoWare DEMS, you can set different access levels per archive so that only those with the right permissions can access the content. For example, you can create different archives for internal and external use. This way, the solution prevents confidential data from falling into the wrong hands.




Enabling collaboration with internals and externals

During the event, John Fredrik Engeland, Professional Services Manager at FotoWare, presented how to effectively and securely share drone data. He underlined how time is of the essence when solving and preventing crime, and officers should not have to waste it searching for information that’s already been gathered. Speed and collaboration are critical in the mission to solve more crimes and save more lives.
In addition to drones, today’s law enforcement, defense, and rescue industries are adopting more and more new surveillance tools (such as body-worn cameras, biometrics and robots) to gather evidence. All data related to investigations – from office documents to the minute details of a crime scene – must be securely stored and protected.

And of course, simply having a system for storing evidence is never enough. You need to be able to access, find, and process files quickly during an investigation, as well as share with relevant staff, both internally and externally. The FotoWare DEM is a flexible, versatile, and hardware-neutral solution. It enables forces to build an ecosystem that streamlines the whole investigative process by connecting various 3rd-party systems.


Watch the 1-minute video filmed in the event to see how FotoWare helps with drone data!


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