Easier said than done, right? How can you just make more time? If it was that simple, everyone would do it! Well, let me break it down for you... You have 24 hours each day, you spend 8-10 hours at work, an hour for lunch, half an hour for coffee and a chat, and another half an hour just figuring out the plan for the day! Now, I'm not going to advise you to cut down on having breaks during working hours - they're important! But... we can all make more time by cutting down on all those mundane, time-consuming activities that take far more time than they should, such as:

  • Formatting, re-formatting and re-re-formatting your company logo for the millionth time.
  • Updating the PowerPoint slides for that one colleague who always gets the graphics wrong...
  • Sending over the updated marketing materials yet again!

"But that's all just part of my job!" I hear you cry. No, it's not! Your job in marketing is making ideas a reality. Have a search around and get the right tools to help you reduce these painfully repetitive tasks.I used to spend at least 2-4 hours a week on unnecessary logistics around brand materials, but not any longer! How? All brand materials are available in a web portal, accessible to everyone from the organization, partners and the brand agency. My marketing team and I never have to do boring and redundant tasks, because everyone has access to the right size, up-to-date and polished materials


Being neat and tidy can really help you to have a clear overview of your tasks and responsibilities.

One of the greatest myths among marketing and advertising agencies is that messy offices are the norm! It's not hard to imagine the cool hipster, tucked behind their Mac, writing creative briefs with ideas strewn all over the room... and coffee mugs galore! Look at the tidiness in Don Draper’s office, check out the neatness in your advertising agency the next time you walk in there. Myth busted!

Creating anything well requires organization. Personally, when I start planning something like a new landing page, I'll go back to previous materials my team and I have created in this market segment - every image, graphic and document. Putting myself in the customers' shoes and going through their steps gets me inspired about amazing new ideas.


We crowdsource people's opinions all the time. Whether it's on Instagram, with your spouse about what to wear, or movie recommendations from friends, you crowdsource multiple times each day without even realizing. So why not actively do it at work? Your colleagues can be a valuable source when you are stuck on a project or simply out of ideas. Let's say at work you have an idea - for example, a message you want to try on your next banner ads, but you're not sure how to best present it - having your colleagues to give their input on an idea can really help. Write it up, put it out on your internal communication system and get feedback from your team. From their comments, great ideas can be born! For more polished ideas, simply run an A/B test on Facebook. Raise the voice of the crowd!  

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