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How Technology is Reshaping Newsrooms: Newsroom Summit 2018 hosted by VG

By Eunbyeol Koh on October 29, 2018

The International Newsroom Summit 2018, organized by the WAN-IFRA, will took place on 29th - 30th October at Verdens Gang (VG) in Oslo, Norway. We take a look at how technology is changing the news ecosystem and Nordic excellence in digital journalism.

Newsrooms in Digital Transformation

Newsrooms around the world, whether large or small, are in a period of digital transformation. The digitization of content and new digital communication technologies has significantly reshaped the media landscape. Organizations in the news industry have restructured their processes and workflows to optimize digital delivery and efficiently reach out to their audience in the digital marketplace. 

Verdens Gang (VG), the leading daily newspaper in Norway, has used a FotoWare Digital Asset Management and the FotoStation image management solution to take control of the content and streamline workflows of photographers and picture desks. Currently a total of 30 to 50 people in the VG newsrooms are using FotoWare solutions.

"FotoWare enables the desk-people to quickly find and retrieve images and route images to their destination," says Gisle Oddstad, Head of Photo Department at VG. "FotoWare is one of the most important tools in the newsroom for editing and applying metadata." 

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"Metadata is as important as the images themselves. In order to find the right image later, we are careful to apply metadata as much as possible." - Gisle Oddstad, Head of Photo Department, VG


The Financial Times, the world’s leading business publication, has transformed its workflow system using FotoWare’s Digital Asset Management Solution. “The picture desk and journalists are the main users of the system. The old process was that someone would request a picture and the picture desk would find it, send it into the content management system, send the journalists the ID and they would then put the image into the article,” says Richard Burns, a technical architect in content management team at Financial Times. He adds: “Now, the journalist can also search the DAM for a picture and send it straight into our content management system and use it themselves.”

The Financial Times
Discover how the Financial Times, the world's leading business publication, has democratized their whole workflow system and increased efficiency

A digital newsroom is not just a new set of technologies; it’s also a different way of working with content. - MediaShift

Moving Focus from Growing Reach to Enriching Audience Engagement 

The movement from print to digital has greatly affected the relationship between a newsroom and its audience. Online news provides two-way communication, enabling the audiences to interact with the newsroom in real time, as opposed to a traditional printed newspaper which is a one-way flow of information. Audience engagement is becoming an increasingly important metric, and newsrooms are moving their focus from growing reach to enriching the relationship with the audience.

The Newsroom Summit 2018 in Oslo, held by WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers looked at how technologies such as AI and digital tools can help newsrooms increase audience engagement and what approaches the media industry should take to make their content more tailored to the audiences’ unique needs. The international newsroom event was hosted by Norwegian leading publication VG with a deep focus on Nordic excellence. Norway has the highest penetration for digital news subscriptions across the world, with almost nine out of ten Norwegians reading news online every week. Scandinavia has also proved its strong presence in the digital journalism by winning 13 of 23 awards at the 2018 European Digital Media Awards – including ‘Best News Website or Mobile Service’, ‘Best Use of Online Video’, ‘Best Data Visualization’ and ‘Best in Social Media Engagement’.

“Some of the world’s best digital journalism is happening in the Nordics and their newspapers are growing revenue, even at a local level. They are succeeding by putting powerful journalism and the audience at the front and center of their strategy” - WAN-IFRA

  •  European Digital Media Awards 2018 Winner: VG for Election Calculator
  • Category: Best Innovation to Engage Youth Audiences

During the two day event, more than 20 experts in the news industry spoke on the 4 main topics - Audience Engagement, Newsroom Organisation, News feed personalization and Next-level newsroom collaboration -  and over 130 delegates from newsrooms around the world attended to discuss about the future of the newsroom.

FotoWare was also present at the event to share how the our solutions help more than 400 media customers across the world, including The Economist, Axel Springer and Prisma Media.

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