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How Police Forces Use Centralized Systems for Increased Efficiency

By James Rice-McAulay on May 15, 2019

FotoWare has Digital Evidence Management (DEM) systems installed at police forces worldwide, including over 80% of police forces in the UK. Whilst we mainly deliver individual evidence management systems to our customers, did you know that we're also able to deliver centralised systems within a collection of different forces? If forces are looking to not only cut costs and streamline operations, but increase cooperation by making their evidence more accessible to officers and staff in neighbouring forces, then having a centralised system would open up for these possibilities.

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One Crime, Different Forces

The role of DEM in a law enforcement organisation is to increase the efficiency in which digital evidence is stored and managed, making it searchable and reusable in both investigations and prosecutions. Many different departments in the organisation would typically be involved in this process; from the responding officers and forensic support staff, right through to the detectives and staff working on the prosecution, including the judges themselves. However, what if this involved several different forces across a wider geographical area, and the police needed to have a common system in order to be able to identify the suspects and contribute towards the investigation?

A common platform

The amalgamation of regional forces, and the role of scientific support forensics as the lead for bringing together forces under one common system, has been achieved in two large regions in the UK. In one of the cases, involving 4 separate forces, there is a central FotoWare system controlling the ingestion and distribution of assets for all crimes. The four forces with different domains have been linked, with ADFS access to the FotoWare server. Further integration with police systems for ingestion and links with scenes of crime databases enhances the contribution that FotoWare makes to this amalgamation.

Essentially, the police can cooperate better by being able to access the same system, meaning that suspects can be identified and apprehended in a neighbouring county, and evidence can then be uploaded to the same system. This is just one of the many ways that FotoWare supports it's customers in law enforcement.

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