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How Mobile Apps Can Help Insurance and Energy Companies

By James Rice-McAulay on June 5, 2019

I'd Better Call Our Insurance Company...

At some point in our lives, we've probably had to fill out an insurance claim. It goes a little something like this; call insurance company, talk to someone, explain the situation, get asked for documentation, take pictures, find the online form and upload these images. Next, you wait patiently for your case to be processed. Easy for some, more complicated for others, but it's nice that the insurance company has an online form you can use.

Imagine what this process is like for insurance investigators or even power & water engineers; they have to go all the way out to the scene, take pictures for documentation purposes, and get back to the office where they have to upload and tag the images, hoping that they're still intact. What if they forget certain details that would need to be added as metadata, which are important to the case?

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Direct Uploads

FotoWare is making documentation easier by giving our customers the chance to upload their images directly to their Digital Asset Management system. This ensures a secure end-to-end upload of the images, making sure that the original file is kept in it's original format. Tags can be added to the image on the mobile or tablet device, making sure that the image is searchable with the appropriate metadata in the system. No important images are misplaced, ensuring total control over any images associated with the case.

Read more about how one of our insurance customers, Storebrand, keeps control over it's important visual assets in our customer case study!


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Save Time, Avoid Frustration

Thanks to notifications, admins can approve the images as soon as they come in. Forgotten to take a certain image or record a minor detail? It's better to find out from the Digital Asset Management admin while you're at the scene, rather than travelling back only to be told that you need to return to the scene! The mobile & tablet apps therefore not only save time, they also help teams to become more organised by ensuring that everything is in the same place, rather than scattered on different devices and file structures. This also aids GDPR compliance.

Get The Most Out Of Your Images

The benefits are enormous; images are immediately accessible for everyone working on a case, with the relevant case number and other important metadata such as location, etc. Thanks to our open APIs, it's even possible to build further integrations with the systems that the files would need to be sent on to, such as a case management system or CRM.

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