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How Consent Forms in FotoWare Can Help You Ensure GDPR Compliance

By Alex Kronenberg on May 19, 2021
GDPR consent in FotoWare

Collecting consent for the use of photos and videos of employees can be a significant challenge for companies of any size. The new consent management feature in FotoWare enables organizations to quickly obtain consent from employees and easily gather the consent forms in one easy-to-manage space.

Whether you’re using employee photos for marketing and employer branding purposes, or practical reasons such as ID cards, it is absolutely critical that organizations can demonstrate informed consent from the employee, among a number of other requirements. Read more about GDPR for images here.

Bringing this new consent management feature into FotoWare means that the responsible parties (often HR and Marketing) can ensure that the organization’s use of images complies with the GDPR, by efficiently keeping track of the consent status of each employee. In particular, consent management in FotoWare enables you to do three things:

1. Quickly and easily obtain consent 

You can now send out a personalized consent form directly from FotoWare to users, with the ability to customize the categories of consent – eg. for using the images on the website, in social media, in print – and so on. This can then be completed and returned by the user on desktop – or even more efficiently via the mobile app.


2. Provide a record of consent

As mentioned, it is absolutely essential for organizations to be able to demonstrate a record of obtaining consent from employees, in order to comply with the GDPR. As part of GDPR Article 7(3) – Conditions of Consent an organization must inform its employees about their rights under the GDPR - and they must know how to exercise those rights. More specifically, the consent must be “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous”.

Consent management in FotoWare, therefore, provides a reliable record of who has consented and what they have consented to, in the same system that the images are also stored in. This makes it far easier for the organization when handling requests from an employee who exercises their Right to Access or Right to Erasure.

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3. Ensure only photos of people who have given their consent are used

By far the most important aspect of this feature is that it makes it much easier for organizations to avoid breaching the GDPR by accidentally misusing images. Since the consent management area provides a list of all the people whose consent has been requested, users can filter based on which employees have consented, declined, or whose consent status is still pending. This overview can therefore be referenced by those responsible within the FotoWare solution, to approve or deny access to any images of employees, and determine the usage rights of those assets.

GDPR has been an area of high interest from many of our users and the consent management feature is another big step to making GDPR compliance a much less challenging task for anyone managing their organization's images. It will save an enormous amount of time spent ensuring GDPR-compliance, while drastically mitigating the risk of breaches and high fines.

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