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Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management LA - FotoWare's 10 Minutes Bake Off

By Radmila Stolz on November 24, 2017

Henry Stewart is the largest conference on Digital Asset Management and the last event this year just took place in sunny Los Angeles. The show was fantastic and highly educational, with outstanding speakers and lots of interaction with vendors. It is great to see how the industry is changing and where key trends are developing. There's great diversity in the industry, ranging from local production companies to global manufacturers and retailers. David Lipsey, the conference chair, nicely summarized the challenge of our ever-changing society: 'More, more and better'. We need to produce content for a growing number of platforms and in various form, to fit diverse audiences and keep the consistency and vision of our organization.

My favorite session at the event was the 'DAM User Journey - What is the real DAM journey from realizing you need a DAM to optimizing your DAM' - by Anthony Marshal from Kraft Heinz Company. He nicely highlighted the challenges marketing teams face when creating agile content for the consumer journey. Transformation is both internal, where DAM has the role of fostering collaboration across teams, and external, with the growing challenges of adapting to changing technologies.

One of the sessions that always gets a lot of hype is the DAM Bake-Off. Due to its competitive nature and interactive format, it attracts a highly engaged audience. The format of the bake-off follows the popular TV talent show, with three DAM vendors being given 10 minutes to show a demo of their software, according to seven criteria. The three contestants were Frederic Sanuy, Wendy Skoulding and myself. The presentations were judged by three industry experts; Anthony Marshall from Kraft Heinz Company, John Florance from the Risetime Technologies and Rich Carrol from the IO integration. The experience was fantastic - how often do you get the chance to see three different digital asset management solutions go head to head in this way?

These were the seven criteria judged in the competition:

  1. Ingest various file formats  
  2. Search for text and metadata in these assets, including specific terms given on the fly 
  3. Render/transform assets into different formats 
  4. Relate asset (in various ways) 
  5. Preview assets (in various ways) 
  6. Publish to various channels 
  7. Feature/capability that is truly unique to your offering.

Have you got ten minutes to spare and want to see how FotoWare delivers on these points? Enjoy this video: