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FotoWare's Christmas Calendar Quiz - 25 Questions and Answers

By Eunbyeol Koh on December 27, 2018

FotoWare's Christmas Calendar Quiz has just come to an end. From 1st to 25th of December, everyone got a chance to participate in our daily quiz from the FotoWare Facebook page. The quizzes covered various topics from basic facts about Digital Asset Management to success stories of our customers worldwide. During the campaign, we received a total of over 16,000 responses from 3,900 people across the world. We appreciate all of your engagement and support on our Christmas Calendar Quiz over the last month.

If you missed the quiz, don't worry just yet - here we reveal all the questions and answers that you wanted to know. Check out how many answers you've got correct right now! 


Q1. This organization is the oldest of its kind in USA. Digital Asset Management has enabled it to easily distribute content from its performances to media outlets to use. Innovation is part of the culture of the city where this organization is - just 40 minutes away is an area widely regarded as the center-point of the tech world. Which organization is it?

  1. San Francisco Ballet
  2. Real Madrid CF
  3. NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) 

 how San Francisco Ballet automated workflows with digital asset managementCredit: San Francisco Ballet

The correct answer is: San Francisco Ballet. 

"Processes that had previously taken hours of people’s time, running around and chasing people, can now be done in a matter of minutes. It has made a huge difference in efficiency and ease of use for all involved, both within the company and the end users as well." - Erik Almlie, Media Assets Administrator at San Francisco Ballet 

Learn how the San Francisco Ballet automated workflows to significantly reduce the time of a photo travel from the stage to the press from days to hours.


Q2. This organization is a leading provider of intralogistics solutions. They have 500 Digital Asset Management users from USA, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia and Czech Republic. Thanks to keyword-based search, the marketing staff no longer waste hours of their time each week responding to fellow employees to help find certain assets (eg. updated powerpoint presentations, company logos, and marketing collateral).

  1. PhotoVoice
  2. Thomas Cook
  3. viastore

 FotoWare Digital Asset Management has increased efficiency in viastore Marketing and Sales teamsCredit: viastore

The correct answer is: viastore

Viastore - The Intralogistics Experts is one of the world's leading intralogistics companies, helping customers all over the world to store, manage, and deliver goods efficiently.

Discover how FotoWare Digital Asset Management has increased efficiency in viastore's Marketing and Sales teams, and how it has freed up time for staff to focus on doing what they're best at!

"The main benefits FotoWare provided to viastore are time-saving and increase in efficiency and transparency by searching and sharing information. Another benefit is the higher flexibility to access the system anywhere and at any time. Thirdly, there are no outdated assets in use anymore."


Q3. Which of the followings is NOT a tool to help you organize your content?

  1. Taxonomy
  2. Metadata
  3. Filters
  4. Annotation

VG makes workday easier and more efficient with FotoWareCredit: AbsolutVision, Unsplash

The correct answer is: Annotation

Annotation refers to the process of adding visual markers and comments on an asset - for instance to highlight an area in a picture and a comment to what you're seeing. An important feature of Evidence management.

Learn more about how the Norwegian newspaper VG makes their workday easier and more efficient with FotoWare.


Q4. This organization manages over $82,500,000,000 worth of assets and is Norway's largest asset manager. They required a Digital Asset Management system after an increase in the need to license, structure and store their images which were being kept in internal folders, on colleagues' desktops, and on external hard drives. They chose a SaaS installation for their Digital Asset Management system in order to avoid the high maintenance costs of an On-Premise solution, and due to the automatic software updates, back-ups, and other routine maintenance of a SaaS solution.

  1. Storebrand
  2. Coop
  3. Toyota

 Storebrand financial services companies, has chosen Digital Asset Management on SaaS from FotoWareCredit: Storebrand

The correct answer is: Storebrand 

"Previously, a lot of time was spent on finding images and having to crop them in another software. It was both time-consuming and frustrating. We also experienced that valuable content was sometimes deleted, or just kept on our private desktops - this was not cost effective at all!" - Siri Olerud, Graphic Designer and Visual Communication at Storebrand

Find out why Storebrand, one of Norway's leading financial services companies, has chosen Digital Asset Management on SaaS from FotoWare to save time, increase efficiency and improve storage structure.


Q5. What is the most important and meaningful way for managing your image rights correctly?

  1. Hide your photos from anyone at any costs
  2. Use photo licensing
  3. Only print your photos
  4. Never take or use any photos

chi modu use FotoStation
Credit: Chi Modu

The correct answer is: Use Photo Licensing 

Chi Modu is a photojournalist who's responsible for producing some of the most iconic images of the Hip Hop movement. 

Chi has been a FotoStation - an image management product by FotoWare - user for over a decade and continues to license his archive of unique images, read more about how his experience working as a photographer for some of the biggest names in Hip Hop.


Q6. Which of the responses is WRONG? With Digital Asset Management you can:

  1. Increase operational efficiency
  2. Donate money
  3. Improve brand consistency
  4. Increase the lifecycle of marketing materials

how White House Historical Association uses FotoWare Digital Library to the public
Credit: David Everett Strickler, Unsplash

The correct answer is: You can NOT Donate Money with a Digital Asset Management system. 

Learn more about how The White House Historical Association uses FotoWare to share its Digital Library to the public. You can see pictures from the life in the White House, Presidents and their families, gatherings, parties and much more!


Q7. What can a cloud solution do for an organization?

  1. It can grow their costs for servers in the basement
  2. Cloud can put their storage in danger
  3. It can help teams collaborate from any part of the world
  4. It can help Santa deliver the presents faster

how Wings of Support use FotoWare to safely collaborate and access their photos no matter where they're located. Credit: Wings of Support / Jouke van der Meer

The correct answer is: It can help teams collaborate from any part of the world


Wings of Support is a non-profit organization and private initiative by employees of KLM Royal Dutch Airline, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. The charity aims to provide education, shelter and medical care to children in need all around the world.

Click HERE to learn more about how Wings of Support use FotoWare to safely collaborate and access their photos no matter where they're located. 


Q8. This global business publication's adoption of a FotoWare DAM means they can now source images from users in the London Office to about 150 people in offices globally. The system also gives better control over syndication and publication rights.

  1. Financial Times
  2. Dagens Nyheter
  3. The Times-News inc

how FotoWare has democratized Financial Times' whole workflow systemCredit: Financial Times

The correct answer is: Financial Times

"We’ve halved our support costs from the old system and now have more control over the software because we understand it much better and we are able to make changes" - Technical Architect at Finanical Times

Find out how FotoWare has democratized Financial Times' whole workflow system. The result? More users are using the system, and more pictures are being published per month!


Q9. What is one of the benefits of a Digital Asset Management system for a marketing department in any organization?

  1. It's more efficient to find and share digital assets
  2. It hides your digital assets so no one else sees them
  3. It minimizes the possibility of collaboration

how FotoWare has increased efficiency across multiple departments for Aer LingusCredit: Nils Nedel, Unsplash

The correct answer is: It's more efficient to find and share digital assets.

HERE to learn how FotoWare has increased efficiency across multiple departments for Aer Lingus. The result? The marketing team spends less time searching for assets for everybody else to use, meaning all employees can spend more time on what they're best at!


Q10. This organization owns and manages the largest dog show in the world, Crufts, which generates many of their 40,000-50,000 images annually. They also run the Dog Photographer of the Year competition, with Digital Asset Management helping to manage the 13,000 image entries by photographers from over 90 different countries. Due to their archive of Dog-related photography and video, this organization often receives image licensing requests from 3rd parties for magazine articles, TV, and film.

  1. The National Museum of Norway
  2. The Kennel Club
  3. The Art Gallery of New South Wales

how FotoWare helps the Kennel club dog photographer of the year competitionCredit: The Kennel Club / Andy Biggar

The correct answer is: The Kennel Club (UK)

"Now that we have our system in place, our DAM is doing all the work in the background so I can focus on other key aspects of my job." - Heidi Hudson, Digital Asset Manager at the Kennel Club

Learn how FotoWare helps with the handling of thousands of images for the UK's largest organization dedicated to dogs, during their immensely popular live events and the hugely successful Dog Photographer of the Year competition.



Q11. This Norwegian institution is tasked with safeguarding national heritage in the form of visual arts. Using Digital Asset Management from FotoWare, they've compiled a collection of more than one million assets, including more than 100,000 images of objects from every angle to create 3D photogrammetry.

  1. Austrailian Museum
  2. The National Museum of Norway
  3. Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, NSW

FotoWare helps Norway National Museum to keep control over their digital archiveCredit: Nasjonalmuseet / Annar Bjørgli

The correct answer is: The National Museum of Norway

"The photo department needed a tool to get an overview of all the assets, so we decided on a Digital Asset Management system." - Vidar Ibenfeldt, Photo archivist at the National Museum of Norway

Click HERE to learn how FotoWare helps Norway's National Museum to keep control over their digital archive, containing more than 1,000,000 files, including images from every angle of objects to create 3D photogrammetry.


Q12. This organization is a branch of the United Nations that provides aid to 80,000,000 people in 80 countries. Digital Asset Management helps this organization to raise awareness of major issues by enabling people to easily access images from their online archive. On average, 30,000 images are downloaded each year through this organization's Digital Asset Management system by local and international media, UN agencies communications departments, social media officers, and press agencies.

  1. Wings of Support
  2. PhotoVoice
  3. World Food Programme

FotoWare helps the World Food Programme to raise awareness of major issues by showcasing missionsCredit: WFP /  Rein Skullerud

The correct answer is: World Food Programme

"I always like saying that an image is only valuable when you can see it. If WE dIDn’t have a system like FotoWare in place, none of the material that we produce would be visible – and we’re talking about an enormous number of photographs produced worldwide." - Rein Skullerud, Head of the Photography Unit, World Food Programme

Learn how FotoWare helps the World Food Programme to raise awareness of major issues by showcasing their missions, and why it's considered "a great resource" for the UN community, the humanitarian community, and the media.


Q13. What is the better option for a Healthcare institution to distribute media assets across faculties?

  1. They should send media via the post (snail mail)
  2. They should print all media that needs to be shared and put it on posters
  3. They should collaborate with a central distribution like Digital Asset Management 
  4. They never communicate

FotoWare has modernized workflow of clinical photographyCredit: Rawpixel, Unsplash

The correct answer is: To collaborate with a central distribution system like Digital Asset Management.

Learn how FotoWare has modernized the workflow of clinical photography and has enabled strict governance procedures to achieve legal compliance. 


Q14. Which of the following enables digital files to be found through keyword searching?

  1. Metaphysics
  2. Metadata
  3. Metabolism
  4. Metamorphosis

Art Gallery of New South Wales  artworks managementCredit: The Art Gallery of New South Wales

The correct answer is: Metadata

"It's pretty seamless operation now to find images... Now that we have a Digital Asset Management system that's available to all staff, they can actually self-serve to a large extent." - Jenni Carter, Head of the Photography Studio, the Art Gallery of New South Wales

HERE to learn how FotoWare helps the Art Gallery of New South Wales with the record-keeping and management of over 35,000 of their artworks, and why it's such a time-saver for them!!


Q15. This organization is based in Spain's Northeastern Catalonia region. Digital Asset Management helps them to protect the heritage of this city, with metadata enabling efficient organization of their archive. On average, the upload 50,000 images to their system, per year.

  1. Ajuntament de Girona (CRDI)
  2. Real Madrid CF
  3. Desigual 

learn how heritage of Spanish city of Girona is being protected and promoteCredit: Ajuntament de Girona. CRDI (Cobas & Cia - García Garrabella y Cía, eds.)

The correct answer is: Ajuntament de Girona (CRDI)

HERE to learn how the heritage of the Spanish city of Girona is being protected and promoted with thanks to a FotoWare Digital Asset Management solution! 


Q16. Which of these is NOT a type of image file format?

  1. TIFF
  2. PNG
  3. MPEG-4
  4. Exif

Image Works helped them deal with the transition to digital photographyCredit: The Image Works / Photo shows: Gordon George Glenville showing the spider to Covent Garden workers. 4 March 1937. Westminster. United Kingdom, England

The correct answer is: MPEG-4

HERE to learn how a leap of faith to use Digital Asset Management in 1998 by The Image Works helped them deal with the transition to digital photography and why it has continued to enable them to compete with the mega agencies of the stock image world.


Q17. Which of these does NOT help to ensure greater brand consistency when using Digital Asset Management?

  1. Manage or revoke usage: Manage or revoke usage of your assets as you please or set an expiration date.
  2. Utilize metadata: Describe your assets with detailed metadata to keep your titles, brand, and information consistent across the web no matter where they're used.
  3. Control who has access: You can invite other parties to view, edit, or use your content through email entirely at your discretion.
  4. Uploading assets without metadata, letting all users have access to all areas, and not managing the usage restrictions of your assets.

how The Image Works helped them deal with the transition to digital photographyCredit: Thomas Cook Group plc

The correct answer is: Uploading assets without metadata, letting all users have access to all areas, and not managing the usage restrictions of your assets.

Click HERE to learn how Travel & Tourism giant TThe Image Works helped them deal with the transition to digital photography across their websites and social media thanks to a centralized Digital Asset Management system for all the markets they operate in.


Q18. Which of the following does Pål, Digital Media Creator at Østfold County Municipality, aim to achieve with Digital Asset Management?

  1. Making Østfold the most visited county in Norway.
  2. Enabling the residents to find and use the best pictures presenting the county in the best way.
  3. Hosting the Winter Olympics in Østfold.
  4. Helping people find the best places to take pictures in the county.

how Østfold County Municipality created system of sharing and collaboration for residentsCredit: Østfold Fylkeskommune / Sten Helberg

The correct answer is: Enabling the residents to find and use the best pictures presenting the county in the best way.

"We use primarily FotoWare to store, handle, and make our digital assets for all our employees. Now with FotoWare, everything is so much easier. The more they know of the smart ways to use FotoWare, the faster we can work." - Pål Engh, Digital Media Creator at Østfold County Municipality

Click HERE to learn how Østfold County Municipality has created a system of sharing and collaboration for the county's residents, employees and local media, and is giving back to the community using FotoWare's Digital Asset Management solution.


Q19. What does JPEG stand for? 

  1. Journalistic Photographic Effects Gadget
  2. Joint Photographic Experts Group
  3. Justified Photographic Extra Graphic

 how fotoware helps photovoice to manage photo archiveCredit: PhotoVoice

The correct answer is: Joint Photographic Experts Group

Click HERE to learn how the FotoWare Digital Asset Management solution helps photography-focused charity PhotoVoice to manage an ever-growing photo archive stretching back 13 years by storing, organizing, managing, licensing and distributing images in more than one language across 35 countries.


Q20. What is the industry name given to Digital Asset Management systems that have the capabilities to be used by Police forces? 

  1. Digital Investigation Management
  2. Digital Evidence Management
  3. Digital Criminal Management

how metropolitan police use digital evidence managementCredit: Felix Koutchinski / Unsplash

The correct answer is: Digital Evidence Management

FotoWare has been named as a Top 3 Major Key Player in BisReport's latest report on the Digital Evidence Management market, with research looking at data from 2013-2017 and forecasts for 2018-2025.

Learn how the Metropolitan Police are using a FotoWare Digital Evidence Management solution and how they've increased criminal identifications by over 67%


Q21. Which of the following is NOT a FotoStation feature?

  1. Organizing large volumes of images
  2. Making quick edits with the built-in editor
  3. Selling selected images online
  4. Customizing metadata fields

Melanie-jane Frey photojournalist chooses fotostationCredit: Melanie-Jane Frey

The correct answer is: Selling selected images online

"As a creative, being able to make a living from your passion is the ultimate dream and I am attached to FotoStation as a joiner would be attached to his tools. For me, FotoStation has never been replaced." - Melanie-Jane Frey, Photographer

Click HERE to learn how FotoStation has helped French photographer Melanie-Jane Frey in her 20-year career covering war, politics, and societal issues, as a photojournalist.


Q22. The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is Australia's premier education and training institute for performing art. NIDA is using FotoWare as a centralized storage to manage its images and videos, and share them with the staff and students. How many digital assets does NIDA currently store on the FotoWare system?

  1. 350
  2. 3,500
  3. 35,000
  4. 350,000

NIDA solve demands of producing vast amounts of digital content
Credit: NIDA / The Beggar's Opera, 1979. Photographer: George Pashuk

The correct answer is: 350,000

"Photographs are a significant historical record at NIDA. There are around 350,000 

Click HERE to learn how NIDA has solved the demands of producing vast amounts of digital content by using Digital Asset Management, and how it benefits the education of their students.


Q23. The ready-made FotoWare plugins allow quick and easy access to your daily tools directly from the FotoWare system. Which of these is NOT a part of the FotoWare plugins?

  1. Adobe InDesign
  2. PlayStation
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint
 plugins with Adobe and Microsoft can help team

The correct answer is: PlayStation

"Now I can focus on my creative process staying in the Adobe interface and just search and place 
pre-approved brand assets or campaign-tagged stock images available across all teams. I've almost forgotten how time-consuming layout projects used to be." - Maria Brenno-Strandli, Design & Brand Specialist at FotoWare

Learn how FotoWare plugins with Adobe and Microsoft can help your team to work faster and more efficiently!


Q24. Since December 2017, the FotoWare team has increased by 50%. We're big believers in diversity and 40% of our team are women, smashing stereotypes in tech. But, do you know how many nationalities we have represented in FotoWare?

  1. 1
  2. 10
  3. 248

The correct answer is: 10

"The most efficient way for a photo contest is having a single centralized location, a DAM, where contenders can submit photos and the jury can review entries at the same time. Once a photo is submitted, it's organized!" - Eunbyeol Koh, Marketing Coordinator at FotoWare

Click HERE to learn how we used FotoWare Digital Asset Management to power our own photo contest last summer and generated lots of beautiful user generated content!


Q25. The last Christmas Calendar Quiz consists of 5 different questions about FotoWare - Why not try out by yourself and see how many scores you get! 

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