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FotoWare wins Great Place to Work in Norway & ODA Awards Organization

FotoWare - great place to work & oda awards organization

May has been a fantastic month for all of us in FotoWare! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our product FotoStation, we won Great Place to Work in Norway (in the category of less than 50 employees) and we won the ODA Award in the category Organization!

At FotoWare, we choose to prioritize culture, diversity and inclusion, which has resulted in high employee satisfaction and business growth.

Great Place to Work 2020

‘It is a great honor receiving the recognition of Norway’s best place to work. The fact that people love coming to work every day, and that they believe we are heading in the right direction as a company, is a testament to our work culture and the diversity and inclusiveness we have created together,'' says Anne Gretland, CEO at FotoWare

“At FotoWare, they have a strong culture. The leaders are very united and live the company values. The team experience this strongly. Thus, they succeed at the core - making strong relationships and mutual trust. At FotoWare, good communication, approachable leaders, equality, and appreciation of good work are the norm. One key success factor for innovation is that the culture and the leaders allow people to try new things and make mistakes. At FotoWare, employees experience this and management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas. People are proud of working at FotoWare and the team feeling is strong.” says Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO at Great Place to Work Norway Institute

This is an award for each individual that works at FotoWare and contributes to creating the culture we have, every day. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures, and a leader for development and recognition of great workplaces. It offers processes, tools, and recognition for the development of great workplaces.


ODA Network Awards 2020

FotoWare was a finalist together with Schneider Electric and Accenture, for ODA Award in the category Organization, for our active work with gender diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The award is recognition of a company or an organization that has contributed positively for women in the IT industry.

"FotoWare has been working relentlessly to increase diversity, especially the proportion of women, and we are very proud to win the ODA Awards Organization 2020. Our employees are actively engaged in the process, and provide feedback that the workplace has become a better place to work with increased gender balance. We are proof that even a small company, without an HR department, can achieve increased gender balance. The most important part of achieving our goals is to put action in place, execute on it and track progress, not just talk about it," says Anne Gretland, CEO at FotoWare.

With this award, we hope to inspire other SMB companies to start with, or continue, their work on increased gender balance in the IT industry. ODA Network, the organization behind the award, is the largest network in the Nordics for women working in tech. They host an annual Inspiration Day where technology, leadership, inspiration and building networks are the key focus points. At this event they award a company, a female and a male individual that have all demonstrated concrete results in their work for increased gender balance and diversity in the tech industry.


There's more good news!

We wanted to finish off this blog post with good news to those of you reading this article that might be interested in joining us at FotoWare: we are growing and hiring for six different roles! Read more about our positions here

We're hiring!

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