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Announcement: FotoWare will continue to be a DAM innovator and bring unique value to users all over the world - now together with Viking Venture

We are pleased to announce that FotoWare has been acquired by Viking Venture – a leading software investor with focus on business to business software companies with international footprint. With our global footprint, and customers all over the world, we see the acquisition as a fantastic opportunity to take the next step on our journey: higher pace of innovation, larger footprint and even better value for our customers.

"From the launch of FotoWare in 1997, it's amazing to see how the company has grown into a market-leading provider of Digital Asset Management today. Now is the right time to take FotoWare to the next level, and we are confident that Viking Venture is a good partner and catalyst for the next step in the FotoWare journey” says Ole Christian Frenning, founder and chairman of FotoWare.

''Digital Asset Management is well known in the media industry, where it originated, but the demand for a DAM system is increasing regardless of the industry, says CEO Anne Gretland. ''We can only look back at how CRM evolved from being something only the biggest companies saw the need for, to be a tool that no company can live without. We predict the same journey for FotoWare and Digital Asset Management as an industry, and FotoWare will strive to continue to be at the forefront and be a driver for innovation,'' she concludes.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes it possible to collect all the company's digital files in one place, making them easily and quickly accessible to the company's employees, customers and partners.

Jostein Vik Partner of Viking Venture is pleased with the acquisition of FotoWare and looks forward to building on the solid foundation that FotoWare has. Viking Venture focuses on Nordic B2B software companies and thus FotoWare is a "perfect fit". In addition, it is extremely exciting that FotoWare works globally, which offers even more opportunities.

“We are very pleased with the acquisition of FotoWare and look forward to building on the solid foundation that has already been created,” says Jostein Vik, Partner in Viking Venture. “Viking Venture have a specialized focus on Nordic B2B software companies and FotoWare naturally fit into this category. The company already has a strong international presence and the opportunities that this brings really excites us.”

FotoWare have been offering pioneering tools in the DAM industry for close to 25 years. Our first application, FotoStation, celebrated its 25th anniversary in May. We have taken the journey to offer fully self-serviced SaaS Digital Asset Management, and we are driven to pioneer and transform the Digital Asset Management market with innovation and great value of all our users. We are motivated by delivering better life for digital assets, help users automate tasks when working with images and, most importantly, help organizations achieve its goals with visual content.

Viking Venture is a perfect fit for FotoWare and we see this acquisition as a great win on both sides. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to talk to us in the chat box or dropping us a line at info@fotoware.com 


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