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FotoWare strengthens its position in the European market with the acquisition of Xenario UK Limited

FotoWare acquirers Xenario UK

FotoWare, a global pioneer and innovator in Digital Asset Management (DAM), continues its growth journey with new colleagues in the UK. Since new owners came on board in 2020, FotoWare has been actively looking to find companies that complement their Digital Asset Management solutions. 

With the recent acquisitions of Buildpix AB in Sweden and InfoMAX ApS in Denmark, FotoWare has strengthened its footprint in the Nordic market, and now, establishing an even stronger presence in the UK with the acquisition of previous FotoWare partner and reseller Xenario UK Ltd.


Presence in the UK is a strategic and important move for FotoWare in the continuity of building a direct customer relationship with international clients. With Xenario UK as part of FotoWare, we get highly professional colleagues with great competency and experience in FotoWare solutions that will continue to provide great support and service to our customers.
- Chairman of the Board, Jostein Vik.

Xenario UK began its journey as a FotoWare partner and reseller in 2005 and has been serving clients from multiple industries, ranging from hospitals and public institutions, to retail chains and media corporations. Amongst our joint customers are the North Wales Police force, Marks & Spencer, and Elemis, to name a few.

With their vast amount of experience, Xenario UK is the perfect choice for FotoWare’s new office in the UK, and will provide British companies with the necessary support to get the most out of their DAM solution. img-anne-gretland-1

“We are very excited about having Xenario UK as part of FotoWare! With the acquisition of Xenario UK, a knowledgeable and experienced FotoWare partner, we have established a highly competent and strong footprint in the UK and taken another important step on our growth journey. With hundreds of customers in the UK and three extremely competent colleagues joining us, we will continue to scale and take market share in the UK and beyond,” says FotoWare CEO Anne Gretland.

During recent years, the need for highly configurable and sophisticated DAM solutions has exploded, with more content being produced and stored digitally than ever before. Additionally, digital transformation has increased due to the covid-19 pandemic, encouraging more businesses to facilitate remote work and digital collaboration. With FotoWare’s increased footprint in the Nordics and Europe, we are happy to continue to enable existing and future customers to do more with their content.

Xenario UK Limited became an official part of FotoWare on the 1st of May 2021.

For questions about the acquisition, contact Head of Marketing & Communications Bettina Berntsen (bib@fotoware.com).

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