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It's Official: FotoWare is One of the Best Workplaces in Norway 2020

FotoWare has been nominated as one of the best employers in Norway with fewer than 50 employees. In the last few years, FotoWare has set priorities on its culture and leadership to develop and grow as a company.

The honor and joy of receiving this nomination is huge for everyone in FotoWare. This is an award not just to the company, but for each individual that works here and contributes to creating the culture we have, every day.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures, and a leader for development and recognition of great workplaces. It offers processes, tools, and recognition for the development of great workplaces.

''FotoWare truly is a great place to work. To get this confirmed from the entire organization with the GPTW certification, feels exactly right. The fact that people love coming to work every day, and that they believe we are heading in the right direction as a company, is a testament to our work culture and the diversity and inclusiveness we have created together.'' says Anne Gretland, CEO at FotoWare

This award not only reflects the efforts of the company, it also recognizes the impact of each employee in creating a great working environment, caring and supporting one another through a united sense of responsibility, passion, and innovation.

''Culture is not about the management of a company or the leadership. It is not the strategy or the agency. Culture is about the people that creates the team and shapes who we are and what we stand for'' says Radmila Milenkovich, Product Marketing Manager. ''Everyone in FotoWare is responsible for defining who we are, for example, our values of Innovative, Passionate, Responsible and Caring was defined and agreed upon with every member of the organization.''

In FotoWare, we treat each other with kindness, inclusion, and respect. We set big, bold goals for ourselves and our company, and we work towards achieving those goals together. Every team, from development to operations, is responsible for our growth, and every individual takes responsibility to make an impact on the organizational goals.

It is important for us to have an organization with skilled people from different cultures, with different experiences and different competencies. We want a work environment where people thrive, accomplish, feel safe and get inspired. A workplace where people are looking forward to coming to work.

We believe that a good workplace is made through values, culture, trust, and purpose. The employees are part of making this workplace and to take responsibility for each other, include each other, and help each other. In FotoWare, we want to succeed together, and to do that we must make each other better – every single day.

Today, we are still growing and have several exciting open positions. Have a look here or send in an open application at info@fotoware.com.

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