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Introduction to FotoWare Extensions for Adobe CC

By Olav Andreas Frenning on July 29, 2020
FotoWare Team

FotoWare extensions for Illustrator and Photoshop are soon to be launched. Meanwhile, you can learn more about it.

With the new FotoWare extensions for Adobe CC, content creators in your team can design and create stunning visuals in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They can also easily share their creations with other team members.

Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing and enhancement and is used daily by designers and artists for composing complex designs.

Illustrator is the industry-standard software used for working with vector art and illustrations. It is a go-to tool for designers and artists to create web and mobile graphics, icons, product packaging, and more.

With FotoWare's extensions for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, content creators can find assets stored in FotoWare straight in Photoshop or Illustrator and download it for editing. Then, the edited version can be uploaded back to FotoWare.

It is also possible to create new content from scratch, upload it to FotoWare, and make it available to other team members. Remember: FotoWare works with all media files, including vector and raster graphics. So you can store and preview PSD, EPS, SVG, and AI files in your FotoWare.

Watch the video to see the FotoWare Extension for Photoshop in action!



InDesign is widely used in print and digital media for layout and page design. With the FotoWare extension for InDesign, you can find visuals to use in your layout straight from an InDesign side panel. 

Content creators in your team will be able to select multiple assets and place them into the design the're working on. Optional server-side processing can be applied when the asset is inserted in the layout to ensure that the correct-size version is used. The inserted assets are linked to the master assets in FotoWare, so they will be automatically updated if the master assets change. 

FotoWare extensions for Illustrator and Photoshop are coming soon. Do you want to learn more?