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FotoWare continues to strengthen its position in the Nordics, takes market share in Denmark

Image of FotoWare employees in relation to FotoWare's acquisition of Danish InfoMAX ApS

FotoWare, a global pioneer and innovator in Digital Asset Management (DAM), continues its growth journey with new colleagues in Denmark.

Since new owners came on board in June of 2020, FotoWare has been actively searching for companies who complement their DAM solution. Former FotoWare partner, InfoMAX ApS, is now becoming a part of FotoWare to further strengthen our delivery apparatus to existing and new Danish customers.


“With InfoMAX’s knowledge and experience in Digital Asset Management and the product portfolio of FotoWare, we’ll continue to strengthen our footprint in the Nordics while also building an even more valuable experience in our customer experience- and service divisions,” says Anne Gretland, CEO of FotoWare.

InfoMAX has delivered FotoWare DAM solutions to customers in Denmark and internationally since 2008. One of their strengths is their knowledge and experience of working with APIs. Integrating FotoWare with other parts of an organization’s technology stack becomes increasingly important and adds even more value to the solution. FotoWare’s DAM can be used together with, for example, case processing or evidence management in police departments. It can also be integrated with Product Information Management (PIM) systems that are commonly used in the retail industry and Content Management Systems (CMS) used by marketers to easily publish content to websites or other channels.

mikal-kolstad-200x200px-blogpost“I am very happy to be a part of FotoWare and use our specialist expertise closer to other departments. We bring with us good competence and a lot of experience of FotoWare’s on-premises solutions, which is especially crucial for some customers – for example in healthcare, police, and defense. Furthermore, we will use our expertise to migrate other types of customers to FotoWare’s SaaS solution.” Mikal Kolstad, former owner, and Director of InfoMAX.


"We see that the need and demand for DAM solutions are increasing, independent of industry" says Anne Gretland, and continues - “Even though FotoWare had its beginning in media, we are now delivering solutions worldwide to a wide range of industries.

Jostein Vik_portrait_photo_viking_venture

"FotoWare has acquired InfoMAX, which is the company’s second acquisition in the last four months. This acquisition strengthens FotoWare’s already leading position within the Digital Asset Management (DAM) space in the Nordics" says Jostein Vik, Partner at Viking Venture and Chairman of the board at FotoWare.

InfoMAX ApS officially became part of FotoWare on the 1st of April 2021.

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