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FotoWare is Named as a Finalist for Prestigious Gender Equality Award

By Bettina Berntsen on May 3, 2019

“Being recognized on the same basis as the big role models for diversity within the tech-industry is a great honor and joy. At FotoWare, we work actively to increase the proportion of women in our own company, but also to focus on this in a broader perspective – by holding lectures, sharing our experiences on our blog and in social media and articles in newspapers.” - Anne Gretland, CEO

FotoWare is a finalist together with DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group and NAV, the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration and the winner will be announced 10th of May.

ODA Network – the organization behind the award, is the largest network in the Nordics for women working in tech. They host an annual Inspiration Day where technology, leadership, inspiration and building networks are the key focus points. At this event they also award a company, and a female and a male individual that have demonstrated concrete results in their work for increased gender balance and diversity in the tech industry.

In the nomination text, ODA describes FotoWare as a company with a clear strategy for increased diversity in the company. FotoWare has enabled concrete initiatives to do this, especially focusing on the recruitment process within development, tech, and support.

The goal of the ODA Award Organization is to encourage the promotion of women in the industry, highlighting companies and organizations that promote women and who are active in their recruitment and employee policy. The award is a recognition of a company or an organization that has done something extra for women in the IT industry.

From January 2018 to March 2019, FotoWare increased its proportion of women in the company from 21% to 38%, compared to the 26% average in the industry. We have set expectations for our partners on gender balance in the organization, and during the past year, 50% of new employees in the partner channel are women.

Year over Year growth during this period is 14%.

The Management Group previously consisted of three men but is now a team consisting of three men and three women.

FotoWare has taken several measures to increase the proportion of women in the company, including the way recruitment is handled. We have tuned the text in our job adverts to appeal more to both genders. We avoid words like "awesome developer" or "people that like big bold goals" because this can easily exclude an important part of the applicant base. Further, we have been conscious of the images we use in recruitment ads and in our general internal and external communication by making sure we always always include women and men. FotoWare’s brand and communications reflect the importance of gender balance.

We are making a difference internally and in the industry. We are both proud and humbled to be acknowledged for our work for diversity and gender balance in the tech industry, and we are looking forward to ODA’s Inspiration Day on May 10, where the winner will be finally announced. We are proud to be a finalist together with DNB and NAV, who have also done great work to increase gender balance and diversity within the tech industry, as well as many great initiatives to put this on the agenda, not only internally, but in the industry and cross-industries as well. Whoever wins the award, we will applaud them whole-heartedly!

The whole FotoWare team is excited to be part of the Inspiration Day of the ODA Network where the winner will be announced. We hope to see and meet many driven and ambitious companies. If you are reading this and feel inspired, check out our ‘We’re hiring’ section – we are always looking for people to join this great place to work.

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