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First Week at FotoWare: Bettina

By Alex Kronenberg on June 15, 2018

We're delighted to welcome Bettina Berntsen into the FotoWare family, as the newest addition to our marketing team! Find out what she will be tasked with doing at our Oslo HQ and discover what her very first impressions of Digital Asset Management were.

What is your role at FotoWare?

I'm a Marketing Manager focusing on our Inbound Marketing efforts, especially towards new FotoWare customers on SaaS. 

What have you been up to in your first week in the office?

I have focused on getting to know the product, the business and the marketing strategy. The marketing team had a great workshop dividing responsibilities and brainstorming ideas for the next half year. There's so much great stuff coming up!

Furthermore, I have been trained in using the FotoWare DAM, and I'm wondering why not all companies administrating their brand presence or their digital assets have a DAM. I highly relate to the product as this is great for marketing teams in any business!

What has helped you get up to speed with the industry as quickly as possible?

Everyone at FotoWare. I've had such a warm welcome where everyone has been eager to show me the product, discuss the industry we're in, our competitors and plans for the future. I have also tried to do as much research as possible myself, but it's always great to have colleagues explaining things with real-life examples and comparisons.

What do you most enjoy about working in Marketing?

I love marketing especially for the time that we're in because it gets more and more obvious what impact it can make, not only for brand awareness but also on business revenue. I really like the business aspect of marketing.



What tools could you not live without, as a marketeer?

Since I have worked many years with Inbound Marketing I would have to say HubSpot hands down. I love to be able to set up automation, analysis, CMS, blog and social media in one tool, which makes it easy to measure the effect of our efforts and always see what works, and what can be better.

What do you see as the main benefits of Digital Asset Management to marketing teams?

The main benefits are consistency and ease of collaboration in marketing campaigns, for example. All assets can be collected and shared with those involved, no matter if it's internal contributors only or one or several agencies involved. No one has to ask for files or upload some to Dropbox, and some in OneDrive and some that are on only one person's local file share.

Why did you decide to choose FotoWare?

I chose FotoWare because of the product it offers the market, the focus on diversity and leadership, and also the way FotoWare think about marketing - as an important contributor to the company's success.

Where can you be found outside the office?

I love music, so at concerts, or during the summer, festivals! Other than that I love hiking and every year I go hiking a new mountain, mainly in Norway as I think there is so much great nature to be explored. When I'm not at concerts or in the mountains, I love hanging out with friends out for dinner, in the park or just for a few drinks. And the compulsory work-out a few times a week.


What were your first impressions of Digital Asset Management?

That it's a must for any organization that administrates a large number of digital assets, which I assume are most organizations these days as we're getting more and more digital. It's like the solution I've always needed but didn't know I needed before I got to know FotoWare.

How did you describe Digital Asset Management to friends and family when you told them you'd got the job?

I explained it from a marketeer's perspective with campaigns and tried to make a comparison to Dropbox and other file sharing tools. I explained the functionalities FotoWare has and other file sharing tools don't with the opportunity to always stay up to date, the ease of finding what you need and not least the great way you can collaborate. There's a reason there is an own industry called Digital Asset Management.

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