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First Month at FotoWare: Mariana

By Mariana Mehedyniuk on February 19, 2020

Meet Mariana, FotoWare's new Delight Marketing Coordinator, who joined in January to work with email marketing, social media, and blog content. Find out more about her and the experiences she's had as a newcomer to Digital Asset Management.

About Me

I moved to Oslo from Kyiv 9 months ago, but FotoWare is not my first experience of working abroad. It is, however, my first time working as a marketer for an IT company. I have worked in the media and online education industries but I am excited to step into the tech field. I think it is one of the most exciting sectors for marketers right now, considering its diversity and dynamic development.

So, the opportunity to become part of it was thrilling and a bit scary at the same time. Now, after one month with FotoWare, it is mostly thrilling!

What My Typical Day at FotoWare Looks Like

The best part of every working day is that nothing is the same. I have quite a range of responsibilities, such as email marketing, content writing, social media management, and more.

There are two main reasons why I enjoy the diversity of tasks and marketing channels. For me, as a professional, it is an excellent chance to learn something new and improve the skills that I have already had. One of FotoWare's values is innovation and the working environment encourages individual development, so I don't feel stressed trying new things and experimenting.

This diversity is also extremely beneficial for FotoWare's customers as they can receive useful information on the channels they like and use every day. It is great to feel that my work provides value for clients and to see the results of it.

Meeting the Product: What is FotoWare

FotoWare is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that allows users to store and manage different types of files.

I admit, it sounded a bit vague when I was starting with FotoWare, but it is now something I'm using in my day-to-day life - both as a marketer and a person with a ridiculous amount of cat photos!

When it comes to marketing, DAM is invaluable in so many aspects. It simplifies team collaboration while running campaigns and makes it easy to search through your pictures to find what you need for a blog, email newsletter, or Facebook post, for example.

DAM FotoWare Screenshot

Why FotoWare?

It's not easy to job hunt in Norway, especially if you are an outsider with limited knowledge of the Norwegian language (I am working on it though).

I was looking for a Norwegian company that works globally and has a diverse range of workers with different backgrounds. FotoWare ticked all the boxes, so I did not hesitate to join. And, more importantly, FotoWare chose me!

Now, I am proud to tell people that I work in a company that respects diversity, different ideas, and is welcoming towards people with various backgrounds and stories. Like mine!

Where To Find Me Outside The Job

I am actively learning Norwegian at the moment, so most of the time you can find me in the University of Oslo library, trying to make sense of "Her på Berget" textbook. I also enjoy exploring Oslo on my old but proud bicycle and will never say "No" to a cup of a damn good coffee.

FotoWare Is Hiring!

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