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Featured in 'Making a Difference Through Photography' exhibition

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This exhibition gathers together photographs from organizations that make a difference for others from all over the world, and has been titled ‘Making a Difference through Photography’. It will run for three weeks, starting from 18th of September, in one of the most popular areas in Oslo – the former shipyard of Aker Brygge at Stranden. The exhibition will display 20 photographs that all uniquely promote a case for making a difference in world issues; fighting climate change, poverty, hunger, inequality and promoting human rights.
About the concept 
‘A photo can say more than a thousand words!’ says Radmila Milenkovich, Product Marketing Manager at FotoWare. ‘In day-to-day life, it’s sometimes easy to forget about things we do not see; media write about world issues that are just so hard to take in, and sometimes hard to imagine.’ Photography plays a vital role in making a difference and raising awareness about world issues.

The Independent calls it: 'Beyond words: Our planet’s problems, caught on camera'. Journalist Charlotte Hodges wrote in the article that the collection 'aims to reveal the impact these struggles are having on our world and it's inhabitants'.


The exhibition features the work of the following organizations and photographers:


The largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Oceana is rebuilding abundant and bio-diverse oceans by winning science-based policies in countries that control one-third of the world’s wild fish catch. With over 200 victories that stop over-fishing, habitat destruction, pollution and killing of threatened species like turtles and sharks, Oceana’s campaigns are delivering results. A restored ocean means that one billion people can enjoy a healthy seafood meal, every day, forever. Together, we can save the oceans and help feed the world.


This UK-based charity designs and delivers tailor-made participatory photography, digital storytelling, and self-advocacy projects for socially excluded groups. Photography crosses cultural and linguistic barriers and is suitable for all abilities. It's both an art form and a way to record facts. It can describe realities, communicate perspectives, and raise awareness of social and global issues.

Learn more about how PhotoVoice manage this large volume of photography from around the world in this brief case study. 


Wings of Support

An independent, private initiative of the employees of the KLM group that aims to achieve a sustainable improvement in the quality of children's lives, by facilitating education, care and medical assistance. Supporting local aid projects at KLM's destinations is done with financial support from Wings of Support's donors and sponsors.

Learn more about the organisation and how they manage their digital files in this interview with Bram Snell (Board Member - Communication)


An international organisation that makes sure the voice of the people is heard loud and clear concerning climate change, deforestation, ocean pollution and food supply. https://www.greenpeace.org/

The photography shared for the exhibition focuses on showing the painful truth about the burning amazona forests; the influence of melting ice to the local ecosystem; the shock of deforestation in Brazil and lastly, activists protesting against Statoil and the Norwegian government for opening up a new oil frontier in the Arctic.


Ami Vitale

A photojournalist who has been to more than 100 countries, witnessing not only violence and conflict, but also surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit. She is a five-time nominee of World Press Photo awards, including 1st Prize for her 2018 National Geographic magazine story about a community in Kenya protecting elephants. https://www.amivitale.com/

Read our interview with Ami about the adventurous stories she has encountered through a life behind the camera. img-making-a-difference-ami-vitale

Melanie-Jane Frey

A French photographer, who has spent more than 20 years working as a photojournalist, with a focus on political reporting. After learning the ropes at the prestigious agency Magnum Photos, working with many distinguished photographers, Melanie-Jane embarked on a journey to tell the stories to enhance understandings of war, social issues and politics. https://www.melaniefrey.com

Read our interview with Melanie about pursuing her thirst for excellence and the desire to make a difference as a photographer.

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‘We are immensely proud to showcase the works of people and organizations that go the extra mile to make the world a better place. The images representing their work are powerful – both raw and beautiful at the same time. Through this exhibition, we want to draw attention to the important work that these organizations do’, says FotoWare CEO Anne Gretland.

“We are very excited and grateful to be able to share these meaningful works with our visitors at Aker Brygge. The photos will be carefully curated and placed by the seafront, so that everyone passing can dive into the world of the photographer, and be reminded of the highly important issues that are being addressed.” says Mim Stand, Communications Manager at Aker Brygge.

If you're in Oslo between now and 7th October 2019, come and visit the exhibition!

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