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Experiencing an increased demand after the introduction of GDPR

By Amalie Widerberg on April 21, 2021
The new GDPR consent form from FotoWare - available on mobile devices

After the introduction of the EU's GDPR, FotoWare has experienced an increase in the demand for consent management. As a solution for our customers, we are therefore offering consent management directly linked to image use and will launch a new functionality enabling online consent forms - that are also available directly through mobile devices - in May.

Recently, we were featured in the Norwegian news outlet, Computerworld, discussing how our solution enables effective user management. Read a translated excerpt of the article below, or find the original piece here

Consent forms for managing company image usage

After the privacy regulation, GDPR came into force in 2018, FotoWare has experienced an increased demand for GDPR-administration in terms of consent and use of images. As a result, they are offering consent management directly linked to image use in companies.

The solution has already been present for some time, and several of FotoWare’s customers have received help to collect and manage consent for using images of employees and other people associated with the company. In May, a new functionality will be released – this will ensure that employees in an organization can manage their consents directly through the FotoWare mobile app.

img-employee-Janniche"Privacy and GDPR is an area in constant change and therefore this is only the beginning of our long-term commitment to a comprehensive solution for consent management. We are very happy to be able to launch the first part this May. Collecting, giving, and administrating consent can easily be done by everyone, regardless of skill level or location. Therefore, it is crucial that the functionality is user-friendly and accessible on mobile devices." 

- Janniche Moe, Product Director


Consent Management 

When publishing photos where people are the motive, one must comply with the Personal Data Act. Violation of these rules can be punishable.

“With an absence of control, one also takes a risk.” 
- Bettina Berntsen, Head of Marketing and Communication

According to Berntsen, consent management may be relevant across industries. Nevertheless, she believes the solution is particularly useful for – among others – HR departments and marketers, as obtaining and administrating consent for the use of images that can be categorized as personal, has in large part previously been done by manual work with systems that are not made for this.

For marketers, consent management can, for example, provide extra value related to the use of images in – amongst other things – social media:


“By being able to easily filter out approved images, we save an enormous amount of time. Being automatically notified that, for example, consent has been withdrawn, means that we can feel more confident that we are operating in accordance with the GDPR, and that we can easily make updates in our channels that comply with the regulations. We have already been able to use this for a long time in relation to image licensing, and to now be able to use the same workflow for consent is fantastic." - Bettina Berntsen

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