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Employee Spotlight: Lea

By Eunbyeol Koh on July 12, 2019

Lea is the newest & youngest member of the FotoWare Marketing Team. She is 15 years old and will start Elvebakken Upper-Secondary School in Oslo this fall. She's working for FotoWare as an intern during the summer vacation. Meet Lea and discover how she became interested in technology, and how she used her coding skill for her new task at FotoWare!


Why did you decide to work at FotoWare as an intern, and what's your main role?

I wanted to work at FotoWare as an intern because I wanted to learn how it's like to work in the tech industry, and what FotoWare is doing sounded very interesting. I am going to be an intern at FotoWare for 4 weeks this summer. The assignments I get for these weeks are varied and will bring me more experiences. One of my main tasks is dealing with FotoWare customer information. I enjoy it a lot because it's flexible and can be done in many different ways. This makes me open to new ideas and be more creative. I can do it the way I want and try giving a little twist as well.

What was your first impression of FotoWare? 

My first impression when I joined FotoWare was that it is a nice place with intelligent, creative and welcoming people. On my first day at FotoWare, I was welcomed with flowers, a gift bag, and a welcome card written by all the employees in the office. This gave me a very positive impression and showed me just how welcoming the FotoWare people are. 


Can you tell us about your experience in technology? How did you become interested in tech? 

I have always been interested in tech since young, but my interest in tech grew even more when I took a coding course last summer at the University of Oslo. I took the course for about 5 hours every day during the week and I also got introduced to Python. The teachers were older students who had already studied Python for a while and had a pretty in-depth knowledge about it. Learning Python was very fun! As it was quite challenging at the same time, I felt really good when I got it right. I have been using some of my free time having fun with technology since then.

I think Python is cool since you can use it for many different kinds of projects. This week at FotoWare I tried using Python, with some help, to develop a program that creates URLs for the companies where people in the FotoWare contact list work. This made my job a lot more efficient. I want to learn more about other coding languages as well as Python in the future. 

In what areas do you want to work after graduation? 

I am not quite sure what areas I want to work in after graduation, but it will probably be something around technology. I want to work in tech because it is very interesting, challenging and cool. Additionally, I can always find newer and more creative ways of working using technology. 

During the internship at FotoWare, I'd love to learn more about technology, and experience how it's like to work in the tech industry.

Where can we find you outside the office? 

Outside the office you could probably find me by the sea, windsurfing, boating or doing other water activities. I started windsurfing last year, in the fall. I usually windsurf at Larkollen, which is very fun and nice, but I also really like to windsurf in Denmark at Klittmøller.  I also enjoy hanging out with friends or working in the kitchen, cooking and baking. 



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